Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

50 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Telecommunications have evolved alongside developments in technology that have sought to make it easier than ever before for companies to do business both internally and externally. Ice Comms is a British business that has focused its efforts on delivering outstanding telecommunications solutions for all of its clients. As the industry continues to innovate and evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, discover how and why Ice Comms is a business that all others should be looking to. As one of the leading independent communications providers in the United Kingdom, Ice Comms has been at the heart of connecting Britain’s biggest companies for well over a decade. From high-street famous names such as Swarovski, Poundland, and Yankee Candle to massive conglomerates and organisations in the heart of the nation’s capital, Ice Comms has been there for them all. One thing unites all of the companies that the firm works with: they are highly successful because they save money where they can. Ice Comms is committed to providing innovative telecommunication solutions with a relentless pursuit of perfection in every project that it undertakes. The value of the firm’s services lie in the fact that it provides customers with the ability to communicate and collaborate worldwide, which is an invaluable asset in today’s world. Ice Comms never overpromises, but always over delivers in its demonstrating of integrity, commitment, and enthusiasm about the world of communication. The core of Ice Comms is this: it is a business that will always drive innovation, no matter what. Finding new ways of building options for its clients and making sure that its packages and solutions give the very best value for money is what drives Ice Comms in everything it does. It understands how important cost is, but always strives to explain the value of its five-star service with crystal clarity. Money is even more important now, given that COVID-19 has meant that many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. The telecommunications industry, like many others, has seen multiple trends affect daily life for so many businesses like Ice Comms. One of those massive changes has actually been the increase for many people to start Best Business Telecommunications Company - UK using telecommunications devices and technology like never before. The requirement for remote working has increased exponentially throughout the pandemic, and there has been an insatiable need for Ice Comms’ clients to remain connected and able to operate as they could before remote working was a regular request. Now, as the United Kingdom is in the midst of its second national lockdown, clients are bracing themselves for having to re-adapt to home-based ways of working, where possible. This trend is occurring in every sector and in many businesses up and down the country. To be in a position to guide businesses through these challenges and to be able to offer innovative solutions that enable office-like collaboration is a truly outstanding element to Ice Comms’ service. Working in the United Kingdom has a great many benefits for Ice Comms, not least that it can be a firm that is local to its clients. As it operates across the entirety of the United Kingdom, it became a necessity for Ice Comms to explore ways in which it could grow without losing that local feel that clients have grown to enjoy. Part of the growth strategy up to this point and moving forward has been to operate across multiple sites. With further growth plans in the pipeline, despite the lingering presence of COVID-19, Ice Comms is seeking to explore potential sites of expansion towards the South of the United Kingdom. Businesses are now in a position where fewer and fewer can get away with not having an outstanding telecommunications plan and service in place. In times such as these, when people are separated from one another but business must go on, Ice Comms’ excellence is really given the chance to shine. It does more than seal the continuation of business as usual. It breeds collaboration and creativity, bringing people together in outstanding ways. Perhaps one of the most necessary and important businesses in 2020, Ice Comms is fully deserving of its every success, be it past, present, or future. Company: Ice Comms Contact: Simon Bade Website: Sep20112