Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

51 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Caterer of the Year 2020 & Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence 2020 Nothing brings people together like the chance to share in good food and few understand this better than Julia d’Albiac and her team at Food Glorious Food. For over a quarter century, the team have played a crucial role at weddings, balls, banquets and corporate events, as well as more intimate occasions such as birthdays and christenings. Every event brings its own challenges, but the demand for attention to detail never goes away. Because Food Glorious Food caters for such an incredibly variety of events, the team know that understanding a client’s needs from the first contact is essential. These needs often change as an event grows and develops, so adaptability is a must as well. Food Glorious Food is playing a part in a much larger affair, and ensuring that an event goes well is as important to the team as it is to the client. This approach is why Food Glorious Food has become renowned for going the extra mile, and even a little bit further. Not only is delightful food provided, but exceptional service that brightens any occasion. The team pay extraordinary attention to detail, while also working in a manner that is discreet and unobtrusive. Many businesses provide one aspect or the other, but it is only by both working together that the team can achieve such levels of success. Such high praise could not be levelled at the team if it weren’t made of a staff who champion quality above all else. The team are not pulled together for events, but handpicked for their ability to be friendly and capable above all else. Every team member is expected to be immaculate, polite, friendly and discreet, but in return they receive safe travel to and from work, Food trends come and go, but high standards are always expected. This is the mindset behind the trusted team behind the events catering company, Food Glorious Food. Well known for delighting clients with their delicious delicacies, they’ve been helping people to break bread together for the last 25 years. We take a closer look at what this incredible team have achieved in this year’s Southern Enterprise Awards 2020. Aug20643 had to advertise. Happy teamwork creates happy events. Of course, the shadow of COVID-19 has impacted on the business this year. Everyone in the catering and hospitality industry has been severely affected, with events forced to cancel thanks to lockdown rules. While it has been a period of upset, it has inspired a new creativity in the team. Food Glorious Food started doing fine dining food deliveries on a Friday night, which has led to pop up restaurants and a number of other projects which, although very different from weddings and large events, are equally rewarding and fun to do. Thinking outside the box has been incredibly rewarding for the team behind Food Glorious Food, enabling them to flourish in an environment that is otherwise closed to them. The future seems bright for the team, although returning to what had previously been might be some time away. Although the team are fully booked for 2021, they are also prepared for another step into the unknown until the situation is safe once more. As such, the team are prepared to diversify and explore their many options. What is for certain is that the team will find a way to thrive, rising to the top of their industry once more. Contact: Julia Dalbiac Web Address: a smart uniform, delicious food, good pay and a lot of fun. Word has spread about how great the company is to work for, so the team has never Many businesses provide one aspect or the other, but it is only by both working together that the team can achieve such levels of success.