Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

56 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20102 Building up a team that exudes excellence from every corner is not an easy thing to do, and can sometimes require outside talent being brought in to raise the standard for the entire team. Headhunting can be a hugely effective way of achieving this, and the award-winning, family-owned services of Stephenson Executive Search is the perfect partner for those who want to discover and recruit the best in the legal and financial services business. We find out more about the firm following its success in this years’ Southern Enterprise Awards from SME News. Founded and established in 2012, Stephenson Executive Search is an award-winning, family-owned headhunting firm that focuses on discovering and revealing the best minds in the financial and legal sectors. The firm partners with all manner of clients across these two industries to help them fulfil their strategic goals, whether they be related to meeting diversity criteria, planning for succession and next growth stages, or specific recruitment needs that specialised individuals can address. Stephenson Executive Search always seeks to advise its clients on how to appoint the right people, and remains totally committed to helping professionals navigate and advance their careers. Working with both candidates and employers alike, this firm has been responsible for advancing individual careers and helping businesses meet their every need. Across its breadth of services, Stephenson Executive Search covers four key areas, amongst a myriad of others. Firstly, the firm deals in appointments and recruitment for private banking, private wealth management, and family offices. On top of this, the second area covers legal appointments in law firms, financial institutions, and corporates. Within these two areas comes the third area, which includes helping to make appointments at a board level and non-executive board level. Finally, Stephenson Executive Search can also help with board reviews both in the United Kingdom and across various international markets. Whilst these key areas at where the firm truly excels, it is in the firm’s differentiators that the success becomes truly apparent. One of the key differentiators that Stephenson Executive Search has when compared to its competitors in the industry is that every single one of its consultants is highly qualified, trained, or experienced in the field that they are operating in. It means that they understand the Best Legal & Financial Services Headhunting Firm 2020 skills required to thoroughly assess candidates for relevant positions. Thanks to the team having a wide variety of different specialisms and focuses, Stephenson Executive Search has been busy helping its selection of wealth management clients with appointments for all manner of positions. Whether they need candidates for front office, HR, legal, compliance, NED, business development, marketing, or research roles, Stephenson Executive Search can deliver on every front. The desire to build up a strong team within its clients also feeds into the culture at Stephenson Executive Search itself. Innovation drives everything that the team does, and that team is backed by a leadership that constantly believes in them. At Stephenson Executive Search, every member of the team strives to make the firm the most reputable search firm in the sectors it works with. Always acting with integrity, Stephenson Executive Search delivers a first-class service by respecting candidates and clients alike. Mutual respect makes for a highly beneficial partnership, with the candidates, clients, and in-house team at Stephenson Executive Search all getting what is best for them. Ultimately, having the best team is going to reap rewards when given the right opportunity. By using the latest technology, Stephenson Executive Search is now ideally placed to help clients assess their hiring patterns compared to competitors so that they can identify where they are market leading, and where the firm can help provide a pool of diverse candidates. Bringing people together to create success is what Stephenson Executive Search is all about, and it does it to outstanding effect. Contact: Natasha Brook Website: Whether they need candidates for front office, HR, legal, compliance, NED, business development, marketing, or research roles, Stephenson Executive Search can deliver on every front.