Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

57 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20433 Best SME Business Broker - Oxfordshire When the business of CMC Business Advisors started out in 1989, it originally provided the full range of management consultancy services to prestigious clients that included the likes of Xerox, Unisys, BP, and BT. However, since the mid-1990s, CMC Business Advisors made a conscious decision to gradually move towards the business owner sector. Rather than focus on working with major clients such as those previously mentioned, this gradual move instead meant working closely with entrepreneurs to understand their personal objectives and match these with those of their business, providing long-term support where possible. Since making that move in the mid-1990s, CMC Business Advisors has been providing a wide range of specialist services that support its new goal of facilitating growth and transformation in small businesses, no matter what stage of their life cycle they may be at. As part of the focus on smaller companies and their owners, CMC Business Advisors has made sure that it has a unique specialism to better help them. These lie in succession planning and exit strategies. For the clients, this is hugely beneficial to have the expertise come from CMC Business Advisors that is normally found in a corporate finance company. It entails details on how to handle a transaction, but also preparing the owners and the business as a whole for whatever the endgame may be. Oftentimes, CMC Business Advisors finds itself working with the owners of a business over many years in order to truly extract the maximum amount of value from their business in preparing for, and ultimately delivering, a successful exit strategy. CMC Business Advisors operate at a local level with each experienced advisor based in their own local business community. Each Business Advisor has extensive experience of working with businesses to offer game-changing Running a business is no easy thing. There are so many elements to consider that for some businessowners, it can all become a bit overwhelming. It is in those moments that the crucial advice given by the team at CMC Business Advisors is utterly invaluable. CMC Business Advisors has come a long way indeed since its formation over thirty years ago. Find out more about the firm’s journey as we unveil its award-winning services in the world today. advice. If required, the Business Advisors can also step in to act as a non-executive advisor to the business owners and, for larger clients when needed, be a non-executive board member. In order to ensure that every client gets the best from the Business Advisor, and to ensure that the Business Advisor does not spread themselves too thinly, each one has between ten and twenty clients, allowing them to focus very closely on their client and their situation. Further enhancing the Business Advisor’s ability to give out the best possible advice is the fact that all of the advisors have, at one time, owned, operated, and sold their own small business. This personal experience allows them to adapt their own agenda to the client’s agenda, again ensuring that CMC Business Advisors can meet the needs of the client in resolving their problems. In order to support the Business Advisors and the range of services they as individuals provide, CMC Business Advisors has also gradually developed closer links with local professionals. These could be accountants, bankers, solicitors, IFAs, designers, HR specialists, recruitment specialists, and many more, and this network allows CMC Business Advisors to signpost its clients to these specialist services when appropriate. CMC Business Advisors is exactly what a small business needs at any stage of its life cycle. Perhaps a new owner is floundering with many things to do, or an experienced head is looking to execute the perfect exit strategy. After more than thirty years of working with all manner of business owners and situations, CMC Business Advisors has no preconceived ideas about what a business could need. Rather, it seeks to offer practical, pragmatic guidance that is based on what is evident when walking through the door for the first time, all of which is firmly rooted in real world experience. It is an outstanding business, and one that should be commended for its exceptional contribution to the success of local businesses all over Oxfordshire and the South of England. Company: CMC Business Advisors Contact: Rupert Beazley Website: