Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

74 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Technology is one of the most rapidly-moving industries in the world, and with rapid evolution comes the necessity for businesses and organisations to be at the front of the queue for new technology. However, the world of technology sales and repairs is one that has boomed in recent years. For Laptop Station, the mission is to take that boom and become the preferred choice for quality and reconditioned technology, while continuing to offer its local area the same quality service. We profiled the firm to find out more. Founded and established in 2008 from the seaside town of Brighton, Laptop Station was formed with a purpose of offering affordable laptop repairs alongside a selection of new and used personal computers. As technology evolved, so did the firm, moving to its current home in Eastbourne, where it continues to repair laptops, tablets, mobiles, and games consoles from its renovated showroom and newly-expanded repair centre. Quickly spotting a hole in the market, the team at Laptop Station began to concentrate more on reconditioned products, and then launched its website in 2016 with a mission to offer high-quality, reliable, and affordable laptops nationwide as a different option to buying new ones. While continuing to run a successful independent store, the firm has also seen incredible online growth and has earned a fantastic reputation for bringing a personalised service to the whole of the United Kingdom, not just the south coast. When browsing amongst Laptop Station’s competitors, it becomes all too easy to get lost in Best Laptop Sales & Repairs Company - UK Aug20445 the myriad of identical products that sported vague product specifications, shorter warranties, and generic grading. By offering a smaller selection, Laptop Station’s products benefit from thorough testing, better in-depth technical specifications, and a condition grading unique to each notebook. Prior to shipping, each laptop is also fully set up, cleaned, and put through a seventeen-point test to ensure that customers can use their purchases with no fuss. However, as has been the case with many industries around the world, COVID has considerably affected the supply chain and cost of brand new laptops. This in turn has put a spotlight on reconditioned variants. As such, the team at Laptop Station saw unprecedented demand for its products, particularly from businesses that required computers for their staff to begin working from home, and from parents who wanted to ensure that their children could continue to study safely. There continues to be higher demand than expected and, locally at least, a revived interest in repairing products rather than simply purchasing a new one. Despite the temporary shutdown of the store, Laptop Station went from strength to strength throughout 2020, keeping all staff on and now looking to expand its workforce to ensure that its quality does not drop due to increased demand. The future is very much something that Laptop Station has its eye on, especially with the world of technology only becoming more and more important in so many individuals and businesses day-to-day lives. Part of that focus on the future is expanding the team. When looking to hire a new addition, Laptop Station want someone who is deeply passionate about technology, something which every member of the existing team already has. Rather than rely on qualifications when hiring, Laptop Station instead chooses those who best fit the group ethic and see joining the team as a potential career move, rather than just a temporary stop. For the customers, it is important that they do not see a revolving door of people, as many customers tend to return at a later date and prefer to be served by the same individual. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest selling points that Laptop Station offers is that it is so thorough with its testing, that every customer gets the peace of mind they deserve when purchasing a refurbished product, especially in today’s technological world. At a time where recycling is a national topic of interest, and technological advances mean people are throwing out perfectly good computers and mobile phones just to get the new one, Laptop Station stands as a bastion and a testament to the power of refurbishment. With laptopstation. garnering all the attention it should be, there has never been a better time to get involved in refurbished technology products. Company: Laptop Station Contact: Brenden West Website: