Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

75 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20389 Best International Probate Researchers - UK Discovering heritage is a deeply powerful and meaningful experience for many people, but there is a business element to learning about estates and probates. Harrisons Research & Genealogy is an international firm of Probate Researchers, specialising in forensic genealogy in order to identify and trace relatives of deceased individuals entitled to a share of the deceased’s estate. Working with the legal industry and public sector, as well as private clients from all over the world, the excellence of Harrisons Research seemingly knows no bounds. Since its inception, Harrisons Research has been built on core values that focus on being honest, respectful, and genuine with every client in every interaction. Harrisons has always set out to help bring awareness and transparency to an industry that has, in the past, been subject to a lack of competition. Nowadays, Harrisons is available to help reinstall consumer confidence in the industry, a challenging job though that may be. Where the firm stands tall over its competitors is in seeing this responsibility for what it is; a tremendous responsibility to ensure the families and loved ones of those that have passed away are treated with the utmost respect throughout what is an understandably difficult time. Yet, how does the firm actually prove its uniqueness in both practice and theory? Firstly, the staff are all fully trained and focused on the client’s wellbeing at all times. They are completely aware of the sensitive nature of their job, and are therefore trained to listen to clients, explaining and assisting with any queries or concerns that a client or potential client may have. Never will the team turn up unannounced, or apply pressure to attend the homes of clients. All paperwork is completed with the utmost transparency and care, and the team at Harrisons are intent on ensuring that the client is always in control of the process, never signing unnecessary authority to a company in the Estate Administration process. Every team member is able to provide options for the clients, thereby enabling them to make the best and most cost-effective choice for their needs. A dedicated Case Manager is always assigned to clients as well, offering them several lines of open communication so that they can contact Harrisons when required. COVID-19 has made its presence known in this industry also, and it has seen the working environment at Harrisons change, though not its excellent working practices. It has remained HARRISONS RESEARCH & GENEALOGY dedicated to serving its clients in the best way possible, and has maintained staffing levels, albeit working from home, to ensure that the firm can service and offer continued support to clients in these worrying times. However, there are positives that can be taken for Harrisons in 2020. The firm’s location in the South of England continues to bring the benefits of fantastic transport links and, when required, enables clients to be able to easily access the offices. On top of that, there is also a fantastic pool of talent that the firm can access and work with, which is again enabled by the transport links in and around the South of England. From the day that employees start with the company, training revolves around the clients and the companies expectation for what they will be delivering as part of excellent customer service. All staff are encouraged to sign the Customer Charter and are very clear on the companies expectations. This is often demonstrated by the number of Thank You cards or phone calls that the Managing Director receives, often praising the way in which the staff have treated them. The potential employees that are seeking employment with Harrisons must display care and consideration, as well as careful attention to detail and a respect for listening to client’s concerns. The firm seeks all these qualities out at interview stage from any new recruits, and regular training and feedback ensures that the staff are always at their best. Looking ahead to the future, Harrisons has a bright one indeed. There are some new and exciting services that the firm intends to bring to market, and it also hopes to continue its journey to increase the profile of the industry, helping remove some of the negative press around it. As Harrisons intends to be more innovative and forward-thinking than ever before, its empathy and excellence also shine through in an experience which has come to be one of the best in the business. Company: Harrisons Research & Genealogy Contact: Nik Harrison-Alway Website: