UK Enterprise Awards 2018

104 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , UKE180038 the knowledge that can enhance their enjoyment and their safety and enable them to enjoy future trips with Holiday Time. I would like to offer my thanks to all of my clients for their support, I hope to continue working with you over the years to come.” in the travel industry, where our customers can be assured that their wishes and desires are put to the fore front and profit is a secondary consideration. We will continue with our overriding desire to send people to the far corners of the world armed with Holiday Time is an independent family run travel agency based in Brighton andHove. We spoke to proud Founder Yousif Ibrahimto find outmore about the firmand the secrets behind its success. Best Outbound Travel Agency 2018 - South England This was very profound because some of my customer came from Surrey which has a population of 1.8 million, so you can imagine the competition is strong, and I am proud to have achieved so much over the years.” Alongside his own personal experience in the market, Yousif relies to a degree on the support of others, and uses this collaborative approach to ensure that his clients are able to enjoy the very best experiences possible whenever they book through Holiday Time, as he is keen to showcase. “Recently, a very exciting development for my firm has been to open new travel vistas to countries such as Iran, Myanmar, Laos and Ethiopia. This was based on my personal visits there and the curiosity of my customers. I also have a circle of friends who have had some remarkable travel experiences who I can call upon to pass their knowledge to my customers. This has proved to be very successful as my bookings for far flung destinations has increased by 38% to the year ending 2017.” Looking to the future, Yousif remains committed to providing his clients with the same exceptional support and a service that they can rely on so that he can build upon his current success, as he is proud to highlight in his concluding comments. “Going forward, Holiday Time will continue to put customers first and continue to be a mainstay Established by Yousif in 2014, Holiday Time takes care and pride in arranging all of its client’s travel and holiday arrangements. Yousif explores the challenges he has overcome to achieve the incredible success that his firm enjoys today. “Prior to founding Holiday Time, I had worked in the travel business for 25 years, the thinking was that I can put to good use my far-reaching knowledge of travel and the industry, but far more important to me was being able to pass this knowledge to my customers and to optimise their enjoyment and the many rewards that travel brings to the mind, body and spirit. With this in mind my independent company was born. “From the start, the ethics of the business was based on one simple premise: customer, customer, customer. The early years were difficult with the changing world and people concerns for their safety, but through all this the ethic of the business was born out by an increasing steadfast loyal base of customers who regularly booked with me for their very important annual holidays and all other travel requirements. “The eventual reward for this was to be awarded the UK Enterprise award 2017 for Independent travel; agency of south England. A further consequence of this success was to be awarded Best Outbound Travel Agent in the same category South England. Holiday Time Limited Company: Holiday Time Limited Contact: Yousif Ibrahim Address: 248 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QU, UK Phone: 01273 203679