UK Enterprise 2020

134 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Vital is a Taunton-based hair salon that is committed to providing the highest level of hair care and professionalism to each of their clients. Focusing on the customer, Vital offer than more than a simple cut and finish, but get to know their clients, their needs and style, so as to create their perfect and unique hairstyle. Women’s Hair Salon of the Year 2020 – Somerset Jul20173 Established in 2018, Vital is dedicated to spreading the ‘joi’ of healthy hair to every individual, making for a more beautiful and sustainable world. Vital’s team of expert hair stylists and salon innovations have been designed to create a unique hair salon experience, that creates strong, shiny and healthy hair. Vital; full of energy, lively, vivacious and dynamic. All of these words describe a Vital client, and the energy created by beautifully healthy hair is known by Vital as ‘Joi’. The ‘’joi’ of healthy hair’ is Vital’s promise and commitment and exists at the core of everything this company does. This ‘joi’ extends beyond haircare to the individuality of its clients. With a ‘conversation-over-consultation’ approach, the professional and friendly Vital Tribe ask open questions about their clients, rather than the generic and uninspiring, ‘how much are taking off today’. This allows the stylists to create and offer bespoke hair solutions, that will leave the client more in love with their hair than ever. The spirit of Vital is to offer the energised, vivacious feeling and confidence of a ‘vital girl’; this is achieved through creating beautiful hair. One of the signature features of the Vital experience is the Colour Bar that has been carefully crafted to create a superior hair colouring experience. While hair colouring can present challenges, such as patchiness or running over hairline, Vital’s Colour Bar offers highly qualified master colourists who create naturally refined, elegant results. Taking into account skin tone, hair types, lifestyles, permanent versus non-permanent treatments, pH of hair and post-colour, their certified colourists create hair solutions that are a combination of art and science, unique to each client. Joico products are the only hair products used by Vital, due to their high quality and focus on sustainability. As one of the most sustainable haircare brands in the world, Joico’s eco-commitment means they strive to be a great corporate citizen to their community across the globe. Thanks to their carbon offset program and the employment of wind energy as the primary energy-source in their New York facility, Joico are providing green, high quality products. AJoico guest educator, founder Nick Martin has expertise of the latest trends in sustainable haircare, and trains his team in the latest scientific methods of colouring and cutting. The commitment to sustainability continues within the salon itself, using LED lighting and technology that reduces water consumption. The Vital Tribe have been trained to recycle where possible, but this only one part of their extensive training. When recruiting for the Vital team, Martin looks for energy, positivity, optimism and resilience. Martin states, ‘the technical skill can be taught, but being a nice person is something you can’t teach”. Technical skills are developed at Vital, and they stylists have opportunities to train at the Joico academy and visit the Joico experience centre in Holland at least once a year. The UK hair industry has some of the best hairdressing pedigree in the world, producing world-class hairdressers such as Vidal Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie. British hairdressing is at an incredible standard, and the team at Vital are actively encouraged to develop their skills at the courses offered by hairdressing institutions across the country. The Vital Tribe pride themselves on professionalism and personal customer service that is cultivated by the friendly environment in the salon. Working hard together as well as enjoying free time, such as at dinners or evenings out, creates a sense of community amongst the Tribe that has been a core factor in Vital’s award-winning growth. Like salons nationwide, Vital felt the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, closing its doors from 24th March until 4th July. However, the loyal client base that Vital has built up since 2018 meant that upon reopening, customers were eager to come back. In the first two and a half weeks, Vital saw three hundred guests, which presented challenges as well as positives. The biggest concern is the sudden rush to meet everyone’s demands that could potentially result in a down period of business activity, but Martin and his team are making plans to even out demand before October. Although this is a very busy and challenging time for Vital, the stylists are all eager to get back to work and continue delivering high quality customer service and haircare. As business levels out, Martin has plans to continue steadily growing the business, opening up more salons in the future. Company: Vital Contact: Nick Martin Web Address: