UK Enterprise 2020

207 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20330 Created in 2008, PairTrade Finder® is the industry-leading pair trading software for online traders. A global trading platform that enables its subscribers to successfully identify, monitor and trade “long/short” hundreds of thousands of pairs of securities, it has carried out billions of backtests and millions of trades on markets worldwide. All using a strategy shown to succeed regardless of market direction, whilst providing significant downside protection. With over 65 years of combined experience in managing investments, Geoffrey Hossie and Paul Cuatrecasas are well equipped in their collaborative effort to deliver the simplest and most powerful trading software for initiating traders into the world of pair trading - and to educate these traders to become consistently profitable. Having previously run a long/short hedge fund in London that profited significantly from trading pairs, the duo acquired the PairTrade Finder® business in 2016 from its founder, Jared Mann, a plucky young Australian entrepreneur who successfully built and established the business at the beginning of the decade. PairTrade Finder® PRO, their latest platform, is designed to democratise the benefits of the hedge fund trading strategy known as long/short trading or “pair” trading, and encapsulates a well-established trading system and technology. While around 90% of traders do not take advantage of falling stock prices by short selling stock, PairTrade Finder® PRO’s technology enables any trader to start short selling securities to hedge their long positions like professional traders. Developed over more than twelve years by teams of developers, traders and corporate finance professionals formerly with Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers Inc and GE Capital, PairTrade Finder® PRO allows retail traders to easily learn and use this proven hedge fund strategy, while successfully leveraging their one true advantage over institutional investors - their small account size. Regardless of the direction of the market, the duo believe that pair trading with PairTrade Finder® PRO can deliver consistent and long-term profitability to anyone willing to learn, whether that client be a new trader with a small account, large retail traders with multi-million personal accounts or regulated hedge funds in London, New York and beyond. The platform has been developed for simplicity of understanding and ease-of-use, and its acclaimed educational components (including a Video Course, a YouTube channel, blog, video tutorials, eBook and extensive User Manual) teach new pair traders discipline and risk management in the pair trading approach. All with the goal of having them achieve consistent profitability in less than 30 days. With an added advantage – hedged positions to offer protection from market crashes and big account drawdowns. PairTrade Finder® have recognised the advantages of headquartering in the UK, including the large pool of sophisticated online traders, an English- language market that facilitates the rollout of products to other markets across the globe, and a large, liquid equity market that presents many pair trading opportunities (LSE). A further advantage is having designed their platform to work within the framework of the new EU and FCA regulations that have reduced spread betting, binary options and CFD trading, and limited leverage available to both new and expert traders. PairTrade Finder® management supports this trend for greater retail trader protection, which they believe reduces the ability of unscrupulous brokers to prey on new entrants through applying high leverage on frequent trades subject to commissions, slippage, OTC markets and margin charges. By using leverage within reasonable limits (max 5:1, usually 2:1) and always in a long/short pair trade so the pair position has a degree of hedging and lower volatility, PairTrade Finder® users learn to safely deploy leverage while trading equities, CFDs, ETFs, options and futures. All these instruments are exchange-traded and with direct market access, so that brokers have a duty of best execution to retail clients and pricing of trades is verifiable and transparent. Going forward, PairTrade Finder® management is convinced that recent trends in brokerage markets offer an increasing opportunity for retail traders to narrow the gap with hedge fund professionals. These trends include fast and cheap computing power, zero-commission trading, free high-quality real-time and historic data, and increasingly sophisticated trading technology such as PairTrade Finder® PRO. Coupled with the smaller size of retail traders’ trades, these elements create a wider trade opportunity set available to them over the pros. Even during the recent lockdown, the PairTrade Finder® platform grew steadily in subscribers, empowering many new traders with productive learning and the use of technology at home to build a personal trading business. With a team of experts dedicated to creating excellence in customer service, PairTrade Finder® is set to continue their mission to democratise a proven hedge fund trading system, helping individuals become successful traders. In the near future, the team is looking to further boost the power of its platform by harnessing automation, machine learning and AI as well as building further integrations to the most cost-effective brokers worldwide. Having grown the top line over 50% per year for many years, PairTrade Finder® are keen to accelerate their mission and business. No doubt, this company is one that will only continue to excel. Company: PairTrade Finder® PRO published by Event Driven Investor Ltd. Contact: Geoffrey Hossie Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Retail Trading Technology Platform 2020