UK Enterprise 2020

95 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 When working within an industry that specialises in dermatology and aesthetics, it can be a struggle for a business to shine bright, especially when the perception the public has on the sector causes issues. This unique industry is sadly home to a number of clinics which offer an array of services, where the team have had only very minimal training. For Freyja Medical, they are tearing down these stereotypes and have established a reputation in the industry for striving for excellence in all areas of their business. Discover how this award-winning dermatology & aesthetic clinic are breaking the mould and providing clients with a world-class service Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic of the Year 2020 - Wales From the very beginning, Freyja have aimed to have a different approach to medical aesthetics. When the clinic say they are focussed on their clients, they mean it. The journey of a patient, Freyja believes, begins prior to them ever visiting the clinic. As such, the Freyja team aim to ensure that they provide a service to well-informed and highly prepared clients who recognise the clinic’s desire to raise the standards within the industry, whilst educating the public and identifying with the messages they deliver. This successful business approach has been built on the clinic’s core beliefs, and of course their outstanding team. Sharing an impressive 20 years’ worth of experience in advanced skin surgery, laser and medical aesthetic treatments, lead doctors Dr James Dean & Keli Thorsteinsson. Having spent years perfecting the art of aesthetics (which they have written a book about), the dynamic duo are also highly trained dermatology doctors and skin surgeons. This means that their understanding of the dynamics of facial rejuvenation is on a different level in comparison to many of their competitors. In addition to the wealth of experience and countless successful procedures, the team at Freyja also develop a relationship on a more personal level with their clients, ensuring that they feel listened to, appreciated, but most of all, that their needs are truly understood. This is why the clinic attracts a diverse range of clients from across the country, with a few even travelling from abroad! Creating a safe, comfortable space for the clients is the talented and experienced team members who are dedicated to providing everyone that walks into the clinic with a welcoming and positive experience. This environment is cultivated through the internal culture already in place at Freyja. Culture is hugely important for everyone at Freyja, as they feel that strong cohesive team which genuinely enjoys coming to work will be reflected in every aspect of the business. Their image is not one of over-inflated lips with filler and faces that do not move, Freyja believes that a natural look is always preferable. Which is why they hire individuals based on the type of client that they enjoy working with. An individual who is fun-loving, natural-looking, easy to chat to, and who is not afraid of informing their boss when they are at risk of deviating from the core values of the clinic! Whilst a person’s personality is a key factor in the hiring process for Freyja, knowledge and experience is also essential. Since knowledge is an important factor for the clients, as well as the clinic, Freyja continuously provide education and training for all of their staff. This can be delivered in a number of formats, ranging from monthly training sessions, treatment demonstrations or even national / international conferences. For many clinics across the UK, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on their business, with some having to make difficult decisions. Two weeks prior to the lockdown, Freyja had just hired several new staff members who, unfortunately, were not eligible for any government help with wages. However, the clinic’s strong belief in their people led them to the simple conclusion that it Jun20501 was better to keep these valuable staff members and take a financial hit, than potentially losing such wonderful individuals. Fortunately for Freyja, this risk has truly paid off as these new recruits have been instrumental in improving the back office protocols and procedures of the clinic, putting them in a fantastic position for the upcoming opening of their next clinic near Nantwich, Cheshire, which is likely to be open in early September. Since re-opening after lock-down the clinic has been busier than ever. The team at Freyja are on track to come through these unprecedented times bigger and better than ever, with the help from both their wonderful staff and loyal clients. Contact: Nicki Humphries Company: Freyja Medical Web Address: