UK Enterprise Awards 2021

155 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Digital Marketing Agency - Kent Founded in 2011, RankFresh is passionate about turning the number of visitors to a website into increased sales, leads and enquiries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business trading locally, or even a large firm operating nationwide, RankFresh aim to save its clients time and money wherever possible. Regardless of how busy the firm is, the team will always take their time to determine its clients’ goals before taking any further action. Nick added “Every relationship we build with a client is different. Most agencies use the same digital strategy for every client, whereas we deliver a custom digital strategy that involves our partners to help our clients grow. SEO and other digital marketing strategies are not without risk. Some companies promise their clients top rankings and a guarantee that they will see short term growth. At RankFresh, we don’t make promises that we’re unable to fulfil, instead we promise that our recommendations are based on Google’s best practices and white- hat marketing techniques. Whether it’s SEO or a brand new website design, we’re your full-service digital marketing partner that only succeeds when our client succeeds”. Today, RankFresh is so much more than your typical digital marketing agency with the firm specialising in SEO for a number of different sectors. “From construction to travel and beauty, we work alongside many different clients. Having a slick website with great images of your finished projects used to be enough to generate high quality online leads, but not anymore. In an increasingly crowded digital marketplace, leading construction companies are now using our expert SEO services to climb the rankings and attract more potential clients to their websites. Whether you run a hotel, a travel agency, an accommodation website or a lifestyle destination, SEO is the digital marketing tool that will get your business on the first page of web searches and drive more traffic to your website. If you’re a beautician or beauty salon owner, you’re always trying to stay one step ahead in an extremely competitive market. Between catering to your clients, keeping on top of the latest trends and products, and finding time to develop digital marketing strategies can be a challenge. That’s where SEO can help by rocketing your business to the top of leading search engines such as Google. Through RankFresh, you will definitely get noticed when people in your area are looking for beauty services”. With the world of digital marketing constantly evolving, the team members of RankFresh constantly find themselves researching the latest industry trends as Nick explains further. “Each member of our digital team is dedicated to helping businesses grow, whether they’re an established business or a young start-up. To achieve this we encourage our staff to spend at least 30% of their working hours researching current trends and keeping up to date with the major influencers in the industry”. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has presented many challenges to businesses, however unlike other industries digital marketing is one that has prospered during the pandemic as Nick points out. “2020 was not all doom and gloom with many of our clients taking the opportunity to invest in enhancing and increasing their digital presence, whether that be a new website or increased online marketing budgets. Although hospitality has really suffered throughout this difficult period, many of our customers have thrived with some increasing their revenue by over 200%”. Finally, Nick shares some of the firm’s future plans as we look ahead to the remainder of 2021 and beyond. “To be recognised as ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency – Kent’ feels extremely rewarding but it’s only what the efforts of the team deserve. However, we are always on the lookout for creative, enthusiastic and organised staff to further complement our team”. Company: RankFresh Limited Contact: Nick Lima Web: Apr21533 Based in Tunbridge Wells, RankFresh is an e-commerce and digital marketing agency that helps SME’s grow online by identifying opportunities and devising cost-effective digital strategies. Following its recent success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Founder Nick Lima to discover more about the award-winning services RankFresh provide.