UK Enterprise Awards 2021

230 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best School &Home Marking Solutions Provider 2021 With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and retail, Handy Stamps Limited is best placed to give their customers a seal of approval. We take a closer look at this e-trading business and its international stamp supply services. Based in Wrexham, Handy Stamps Limited is an online e-trading business supplying self-inking and embossing stamps. Its products are not only sold across the UK but they’re also exported to North America and Europe. The range of self-inking stamps includes garage service stamps personalised to the vehicle manufacturer, a range of industry-specific loyalty card stamps and a choice of personalised motivational stamps for use in schools and colleges, all of which come in a range of ink colour choices. Motivational stamps can be an effective and simple way to reward young students for their hard work without breaking the budget. They often make marking more fun for teachers too. As well as off the shelf designs, bespoke stamps that show a personalised message and your choice of Bitmoji can be ordered. Some teachers even have a stamp that shows their name, such as: “Mrs Harrison says: Brilliant Work!” Handy Stamps caters for orders from one individual stamp through to larger orders for schools, colleges and businesses. The company is constantly reviewing their range and adding relevant products. They also offer bulk discounts to schools. The company provides bespoke self-inking stamps for health services, crafting enthusiasts, offices, farms and much more. A seasonal range of Christmas stamps is available to customise your greeting cards and decorate those special letters from Santa Claus. In addition, there’s a range of DIY stamps to enable you to make your own stamp from scratch too. In addition to self-inking stamps, the company offers traditional rubber stamps and embossers that can be used for monograms, company seals, legal documents and home stationery. The embossers have been specially selected for ease and quality of use. At the helm of the business is Founder and Director Andy Dallimore. Andy has a great understanding of the business having previously worked for one of the UK’s largest stamp manufacturers. He believes that every customer deserves the first-class service that he himself would expect: “Our USP is based around 100% customer satisfaction. Our focus is always on putting the customer first. We work with our customers to deliver unique products to match their needs as well as providing standard stock items.” During the pandemic, Handy Stamps was hit hard. With 60% of its UK business coming from the education sector, it saw sales drop dramatically. Even now the market has only recovered to approximately half its original level. Thankfully, the US market has remained fairly stable throughout. By comparison, the impact of Brexit on the EU market has not been negligible. The new export rules and paperwork requirements have caused uncertainty. They’ve also generated additional work in ensuring the company complies with the new regulations. The company is currently working hard to rebuild the UK business back to pre-pandemic levels at the same time as looking to expand into new marketplaces. With its recent success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2021 under its belt, there is little doubt that Handy Stamps will soon see these plans come to fruition. Contact: Andy Dallimore Company: Handy Stamps Ltd Web Address: May21806