UK Enterprise Awards 2022

164 | UK Enterprise Awards 2022 Christopher Catt, an award-winning coach and mentor, is the Founder of The Life Coach Station – a company dedicated to helping business owners overcome their challenges and run their companies more successfully. We find out more about Christopher and the services he can provide in the wake of him receiving a UK Enterprise Award 2022. Having set up The Life Coach Station in 2012, with the purpose of improving the lives of people with disabilities, Christopher Catt saw his business naturally evolving over time to focus on disabled business start-ups and career progression. With this in mind, he set up a new brand and founded Enabled Entrepreneur Elevator™ and, as a consequence, has become known to many of his clients as the Enabled Entrepreneur. One of Chris’s main USPs is that he is different, and therefore his business approach is different too. “I always begin any work with a new client by asking what made them choose me,” he explains. “Over the past few years, the word ‘difference’ kept coming up in their replies. So, I now say I am “the difference that makes all the difference!” One of Chris’s loyal clients explained why he is so unique. Ciara said, “Coaching with Chris is like being grabbed by the collar and being given a shake – but in a nice way!” Chris sees this as a huge compliment and genuinely believes that no-one should hire a life coach because they just want to have a nice chat. Instead, they should be getting something back from their investment. “I believe a coach must invest 100% of their effort into helping that client,” he enthuses. “No matter what it takes!” Chris is also the Founder of Enabled Life™ which blends traditional business and life coaching together, something he calls the holistic approach to helping people with disabilities. He is a big believer in CPD and, operating along as a one-man-band, he is constantly striving to do the best he can. “I am always pushing myself to do better, and as a consequence, achieve more for my clients with disabilities,” he elaborates. “I work with people I Most Empowering PWD Entrepreneurial Support Coach 2022: Christopher Catt Jul22645 believe in. This allows me to get the most from them, to ask the questions even they avoid asking but, above all, they get results.” As with many industries and businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic changed things. In today’s workplace, the word ‘hybrid’ is banded about as if it were something new and innovative, however for the majority of Chris’s clients with disabilities, life has always been ‘hybrid,’ with the need for flexibility being a given. “The really big thing I have noticed is that people have not adapted to the new MINDSET that is needed to make the most of this way of working,” Chris states. “Did you know that people with disabilities often chose self-employment because it is the only way they can manage their work and disability? So that they can get the most from life and, more importantly, be part of society in the truest possible sense of the word.” Recently, Chris was rewarded for his hard work, his commitment, devotion and sense of loyalty to his clients by being bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Empowering PWD Entrepreneurial Support Coach 2022 in the UK Enterprise Awards, and this is something of which he is, understandably, unduly proud. Now, as the world returns to a new state of ‘normal’ Chris is looking at expanding his ‘live events’ to get his name out there, and wants to move from working on a oneto-one basis, to working one-to-many. He also has ambitious plans to start looking at working in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia too. But for now, he will continue to be the best he can be – an authentic person with true integrity, and he will continue to encourage others to do the same! Contact: Christopher Catt Web Address: