UK Enterprise Awards 2023

137 | UK Enterprise Awards 2023 Apr23209 Best Emerging Retail & Distribution Consultants 2023 – Dubai & SME Innovation Excellence Award 2023 As a consulting company based out of Dubai, Trend Trolley seeks to improve the range, quality, and choice of food, beverage and non food products that’re currently available within the region. It recognises the brilliance behind UK products and brands, and strives to help break down the barriers between regions in order to support smaller brands in building a business within the Middle East. We explore how Trend Trolley continues to provide ongoing marketing and growth support throughout the region. Following its founder’s eleven years of experience in buying for Tesco, and 6 years in the UAE buying for Waitrose/ Spinneys, Trend Trolley was created as a means to help introduce UK products and brands into the UAE market. It recognises that many brilliant brands and products from the UK are missing from the retail shelves of the UAE, and similarly many suppliers from the UK have a desire to enter the booming Middle Eastern market, but don’t know where to start. Trend Trolley views itself as a bridge between the two, and it’s easy to see why. As its name suggests, Trend Trolley is always keeping a close eye on the UK market, and looking for the next big trend. Innovation and new product are key to success, enabling Trend Trolley to identify products that will fit well within the Middle Eastern market, and work towards launching said products. Its services encompass a companionship with UK manufacturers and brands, and assists them in understanding country requirements, supporting them with selling into retailers, linking them to distributors, and providing ongoing support throughout the journey. And with the UK being such a fantastic hub for innovation, trend setting product, and artisan brands, it’s a match well made. The result is a sustainable model that originates from Trend Trolley’s overarching goal – to launch and love, not launch and leave. The worst possible outcome for a brand having spent time and effort to launch in a region, is to be delisted within 6 months of hitting the shelves. Trend Trolley strives to offer a service that works with the brand to create a market strategy that ensures longevity and growth. There’s an intrinsic passion behind its work that’s simply impossible to ignore. Stemming from its overwhelming excitement for new product and innovation originating from the UK, Trend Trolley aspires to support businesses to go from strength to strength through introducing them to a larger scope of customers. And with such a booming population of people eager to see what’s next in the world of innovation, the UAE has accumulated an incredible potential that Trend Trolley is determined to realise. Though it’s based in Dubai, Trend Trolley spends a good amount of time within the UK. This ranges from meeting with suppliers and brands, to researching products and understanding the market, all so it can support the best possible products to transition into the UAE. Partner this with a brilliant understanding of the inner workings of the market, all thanks to the founder’s extensive experience, and you’ve got a retail and distribution consultancy that’s set for success. Trend Trolley, at its heart, is a consultancy with a passion for great product. It genuinely wants to see brands succeed overseas, and continues to garner excellent insider knowledge that puts it a step above the rest. This, combined with its proactive approach to trends and innovation, is what makes this retailing and distribution consultancy a real trendsetter within the region. Contact: Kate Evans Company: Trend Trolley Web Address: Email: