UK Enterprise Awards 2023

189 | UK Enterprise Awards 2023 Apr23346 Best Consulting-Led SaaS Company 2023 – London Stack, an innovative Cloud and Security solutions provider based in London UK, has recently been recognised in the UK Enterprise Awards 2023. Noted for its exceptional services, comprehensive expertise, and cutting-edge approach, Stack has grown fast over the last three years. Here’s more about the company below, as we learn the secrets behind its success. Led by a team of partners with pedigrees from top-notch technology consulting firms, Stack offers tailormade solutions to enterprises, midmarket companies, SMEs, and the public sector in the UK. Stack offers comprehensive cloud expertise, unmatched cyber expertise, and proven methodologies. There is also a commitment to personalised solutions, public sector commitment, trust and reliability, certifications and excellence, and an expert team and governance. Stack’s core team, along with the UK and offshore associates, possess a wealth of knowledge in AWS, Azure, GCP, Cloud Architecture, Cloud FinOps, Cloud Security, and Project Delivery with PMs & BAs. The company offers short-term contingent hiring, strategic hiring, and contractto-hire options to meet client needs. Other services include Cloud Readiness and Cloud Transformation Assessments to Implementations, including Move to Cloud, Work on Cloud, Protect Data on Cloud, Manage Applications on Cloud, and Disaster Recovery, Stack provides a wide range of cloud services. In the realm of cybersecurity, Stack’s core team and associates excel in App and Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence, Pen Testing/Red Teaming, Network Security, IAM, Risk and Compliance Audits, and Mobile-Remote Computing. Each team offers flexible hiring options to cater to diverse client requirements. What’s more Stack’s services cover Assessments on Cyber-Insurance Readiness, Vulnerability Management, ISO27001 and SOC2 Compliance, and Implementations such as SOPHOS Products, Breach Incident Response, MDR, Hard-Skills Training, and Email Security. Stack’s unique GROW (Generate/Ramp-up/ Optimise/Win) framework ensures long-term success for clients. The team generates creative, context-specific ideas for business success, as it ramps up those ideas by transforming them into viable execution models. The expert staff continuously optimise for increased efficiency and reduced risks and costs, and helps clients win, retain, and scale the size and success of businesses. Contributing to the success of the employees, Stack’s mission is to empower businesses by providing exceptional, tailor-made Cloud and Security solutions, driving innovation, and fostering long-term success for clients. The leadership team is committed to delivering unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and best-in-class services to enable clients to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. To propel the company towards achieving the leadership’s goals, both as individuals and as a team, Stack focuses on client-centricity, collaboration and communication. Thanks to expert hiring processes, each team member has the ability to adapt and innovate, take accountability and ownership, and provide an emphasis on excellence. Each team member prioritises the unique needs and goals of clients, as the team looks to foster an environment of open communication and collaboration. Stack’s team aims to cultivate an agile mindset, take responsibility for their actions, and strives to deliver the highest quality services and solutions. Moving forwards, Stack’s employees stay true to their values by consistently addressing the client’s unique needs and fostering a culture of open communication and innovation. The unique selling point lies in the team’s dedication to these values and each employee’s expertise in Cloud and Security. The client-centric approach adopted by Stack and GROW framework set the company apart from competitors, enabling them to build lasting partnerships with businesses across the UK and beyond. Regarding industry trends, Stack’s CEO, Srini Annamaraju, identifies several vital developments specific to the UK. There is a growing focus on cloud security as businesses move to the cloud. There is also the chance of accelerated cloud adoption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies to diversify cloud portfolios, cloud cost optimisation to reduce expenses, the emergence of edge computing for real-time data processing, and an increased focus on sustainability to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Ultimately, Stack will continue to grow in 2023, and there is hope within the leadership team and employees that the firm’s success will increase thanks to the dedication of the team involved. Contact: Srini Annamaraju Company: Stack Web Address: