UK Enterprise Awards 2023

190 | UK Enterprise Awards 2023 Apr23345 Best PR Consultancy of the Year 2023 – South West Transform Communications stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of public relations and marketing. As a business-to-business agency, the team’s focus is on human beings – notably team members and clients. With a simple, yet powerful, objective of sustainable growth through happy clients and employees, Transform Communications delivers insightful PR and marketing with care, positioning clients as thought leaders while also having plenty of fun. At the core of Transform Communications are the values which serve as a guiding force for the company’s success. A fundamental principle is building a business where everyone feels valued, supported, and heard. In the latest staff survey, an astounding 100% of the team agreed that Transform Communications fosters a culture of teamwork and cooperation, offers flexible working arrangements, values and recognises their work, and expresses appreciation when they do a good job. These values create an environment that cultivates excellence and ensures every team member thrives. Delighting clients with quality work and outstanding service is another cornerstone of Transform Communications. With a client retention rate of over 90% and consistently positive feedback from organisations and individuals it works with, the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional results shines through. Transform Communications goes beyond the traditional role of a PR agency by collaborating with clients and providing unparalleled support. Clients like Kristin Paxton, Senior Director at Talogy, and Joscelyn Coles, Director of Global Marketing at PSI Services, praise Transform Communications for its collaborative approach and recognise it as the best agency they’ve ever worked with. Sustainable growth is a business imperative for Transform Communications – and an environmental and social responsibility. With a dedication to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) principles, the team created Transform ESG, a company committed to guiding clients through assessment, goal setting, engagement, action, and leadership. Transform Communications supports these initiatives, engaging others and sharing achievements only when they are confident in their meaningfulness and credibility. While steadfast in values and commitment, Transform Communications stays attuned to industry trends and developments. Each team member recognises the growing importance of diversity and inclusion and therefore take proactive steps to foster an inclusive workplace and incorporate diverse perspectives into client projects. Moreover, the members have expanded their expertise beyond content marketing and PR to include digital marketing services. Responding to the industry’s demand for more integrated solutions, Transform Communications launched Transform Digital in 2020, a sister company that provides seamless content and digital marketing strategies. Based in the UK, Transform Communications finds immense benefit in the country’s nurturing environment for the entrepreneurial spirit. From the offices in the idyllic village of Mells, Somerset, the company effortlessly connects with clients across the globe. The reach extends from Abu Dhabi to Mexico and Hong Kong to California, allowing it to elevate the corporate landscape within the UK and beyond. To maintain and grow the business, Transform Communications seeks individuals who embody the right attitude and potential, valuing personal growth alongside professional expertise. The company welcomes apprentices and seasoned professionals, recognising that skills, knowledge, and passion can find a home in even the most remote villages. Team members flourish by fostering a supportive culture and offering flexibility, psychological safety, and well-being support. Initiatives like Emotional Intelligence development programs, personal well-being budgets, and fair remuneration exemplify the company’s commitment to the team’s growth and happiness. Looking towards the future, Transform Communications has ambitious growth plans. Intending to expand the business by 50% and augment the size and calibre of the team during the next financial year, the leadership team prioritises top-line growth and careful financial management for stability and sustainability. Collaboration is a central element of the strategy, as each team member actively seeks partnerships to diversify and expand services to clients. In summary, Transform Communications is a tremendous force in PR and marketing. The whole team’s dedication to their values, exceptional service, and sustainable growth propels the company to the forefront of the industry. With sights set on expansion, strategic partnerships, and continued excellence, Transform Communications continues truly transforming the communications landscape for the better. Name: Laura Shuttleworth Email: Web Address: Transform Communications are a multi-award-winning B2B content marketing and PR consultancy. The team positions clients as industry leaders, crafting insightful content with heart. We learn a little more about the success of the creative company which has seen it win a title in the UK Enterprise Awards 2023.