Looking After Your Woodwork Machinery

wood machinery

Your high-quality woodwork machinery is valuable, it is certainly wise to keep this in excellent condition, both for high performance and to prolong the working life of your machines. It is a lot easier to make small repairs, than it is to pay out for new parts or a complete replacement. Routine maintenance will help to ensure you experience fewer breakdowns. 

Above all for safety purposes, it is always worthwhile carrying out regular checks and routine maintenance. Poorly maintained machinery is far more likely to cause injury. Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery have provided some of their best tips for machinery maintenance. 


Machine Maintenance Tips 

Establishing a routine to maintain your woodwork machinery will help to keep your workshop running smoothly. It is quick and easy and really should not take up too much of your time. Saving you time, money, and energy long-term. This could be as simple as ensuring the machines are cleaned after every use. 


Cleaning your machines

Wood dust can be a major concern in the upkeep of woodwork machinery. Although this can obviously not be avoided, it is best to keep it to a minimum and clean it away as frequently as possible. With wood dust and chippings being a major fire hazard, this should be an essential part of your maintenance routine. Keeping all your machines clean will reduce risk and wear and tear on your machinery. 


Regular checks of your machines

It is really important to make sure that all the moving parts are moving as they should.  Regular checks will ensure any issues with your machinery can be fixed. Leaving this to go un-treated can result in machine downtime long-term.  Lubrication of the bearings and moving parts is vital in maintaining the operation of the woodwork machinery. This is particularly relevant to those large-scale workshops where machines are being used frequently throughout the day. Lubricating your machines’ bearings in your home workshop may only be required every few months. 


The Benefits of Machinery Maintenance 

If simply for the performance, regular maintenance will ensure your woodwork machinery is working to the highest quality. Struggling with blunt blades, for example, will only slow down your productivity, whilst requiring more effort and power to achieve the same results you would see with sharp blades. 

Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective way of avoiding huge repair bills and extending the life span of your machine. 

Akeela Zahair