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Posted 15th March 2023

Metaverse Opportunities For Women’s Empowerment

In the technological industry, women are always on the back foot compared to men, and globally women share 47% of the total population of the workforce and only 26% of jobs in the tech industry. In the last few years, the ratio is further declining. 

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metaverse opportunities for women’s empowerment.

Metaverse Opportunities For Women’s Empowerment

In the technological industry, women are always on the back foot compared to men, and globally women share 47% of the total population of the workforce and only 26% of jobs in the tech industry. In the last few years, the ratio is further declining. 

With the recent records, only 18% of women complete their computer science degrees as most of the girl students leave in between, which is the major reason behind the underrepresentation of women in the workforce and, more precisely, in the tech force. 

The glass ceiling is not up to here; it is firmly increasing as only 10% of women globally are in high positions as CEO in major firms and only 5% in major tech firms. Furthermore, Metaverse can generate an economy in trillions by 2030, so major companies cannot ignore its scope. Still, the concerning thing is women are not active members of it, according to the McKinsey report. Still, this quote is quite conflicting as major statistical reports contrast Mckinsey’s report, as many women are more pro metaverse than men. 

So, follow this article to track metaverse as a profound way to represent women at a high-tech level. 

Metaverse Opportunities For Women

Let’s dive into overwhelming metaverse opportunities for women 

1. Purchase Decisions

If brands have to get metaverse right, they need to allow metaverse platforms to be full of women because 85% of the purchase decisions are by women; so in this regard, brands have not only to provide access points to women but also have to craft an experience that leads women to participate in.

From a visual point of view, metaverse themes are so clunky that they need to be more toward the likes of women and induce colors that are most favorable to women. 

2. Flexibility Of Remote Work

Many women, especially in third-world areas, are not supposed to leave their homes to learn and work. The middle solution can be seen in technology like metaverse, as this technology allows them to represent themselves virtually. According to recent LinkedIn surveys, the ratio of women exceeds 26% compared to men looking for remote jobs. While working in the metaverse is a new online thriller that will help leverage the field of women to participate in tech jobs. 

3. Allowing Women To Have Fair Share

While many firms are providing grounds for women to take part in crafting the metaverse world according to their skills of women. If brands have to do well concerning purchase power, that all belongs to women. Companies are also putting women in the front to help recurring other women in the metaverse, which further cuts some of the coherent biases in women hiring. 

4. Women Can Create Their Own Space

Women can go to the main stage by themselves irrespective of any metaverse company or other firm that uses metaverse. Metaverse provides autonomy to everyone participating in virtual forums, so tech experts and women can build their forums where they can allow other women to participate. For instance, many women can build their fashion brands and bring other women to work in them, and some can initiate learning institutes for women too. 

In this regard, meet with Ang’l Artistea, she is a painter and tattoo designer, but when she gets free time, she hosts exhibitions in her Black Art museum which is all virtual. The Horizon world was like a dream for her, and she is living in her dream. 

Another superwoman from France, Candice Houtikier, founder of Art Collision, permits other organizations to host events in VR. Through this new reality, she has brought artists from every corner of the world and has been transferring international art. She strongly condemns that the future is all in the metaverse, then why not art?  Also, with decentral financial attributes in the metaverse, we artists will sell and purchase art all digitally. 

Final Words

Women can be anything with metaverse opportunities. In the tech space, circumstances for women are extreme. Still, these are changing with time, and many women focus on holding cryptocurrencies and actively participating in technologies like this. With the next level of freedom in the metaverse, women will build their own women’s mania, which will lift women from every corner of the world. 

So, these women have another chance in the form of an immediate connect trading app, which helps implement clever trading strategies to trade crypto.

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