Perfect Match


KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants is an award-winning sales Recruitment Agency based in Exeter in the South West. We speak to the Agency’s founder about its fantastic reputation within the industry and what gives it the edge over larger companies.

Founded by Michelle El-Din in 2016, KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants positions itself as ‘not just another Recruitment Agency’ but instead provides recruitment solutions by placing high-calibre sales professionals. It is also able to assist clients with all aspects of sales including training, audits and role/candidate profiling.

“As a specialist Recruiter, we are able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with our clients and candidates due to our knowledge and expertise in the field,” explains Michelle. “We can confidently advise candidates on salary and job expectations and honestly advise clients regarding job offerings. We attract some of the best sales candidates on the market as individuals trust us to represent them in the best, most truthful light.”

The firm offers a complete sales package by also being able to provide them with sales training, sales audits, sales consultancy and even an interim Sales Director. It is also able to undertake role and candidate profiling to ensure the right candidate is secured the first time around.

KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants is also different to the other mainstream Recruiters in the fact that is doesn’t bombard its clients with CVs and doesn’t put candidates in front of Managers for the sake of filling interview slots. Instead, the Agency diligently sources high-calibre sales professionals to match its client’s needs. It also doesn’t charge ridiculous fees for its services; instead offering value for money in line with the services provided.

Michelle tells us that the firm’s values will never change, and this is one of the reasons that clients and candidates keep returning, and why KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants has such a stellar reputation within the industry.

“We pride ourselves on operating a supremely professional, communicative, open and honest Recruitment Agency that beats the stigma in the industry as we keep everyone updated at every stage of the process and we respond to EVERY candidate we come into contact with,” Michelle enthuses. “There are no false promises. We deliver great customer service and build respectful relationships with everyone we come into contact with.”

As a small Recruitment Agency, with just Michelle at the helm, she is able to provide a personal touch in her service and show real value to all of her clients and candidates. Unlike other Recruiters, KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants is very active on social media and this is the Agency’s main source of leads, along with leaflet drops, networking and referrals. KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants utilises social media platforms on a daily basis to demonstrate its sales experience and to help salespeople and Managers improve their sales knowledge. Michele also launched the ‘KME Sales Community’ Group on Facebook during lockdown to provide support, advice and networking opportunities to salespeople across the globe.