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Posted 13th July 2023

South Wales’ Leading Plastics Manufacturer

Capital Valley Plastics manufacture a full range of entry-level construction, commercial, and domestic use products.

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south wales’ leading plastics manufacturer.

South Wales’ Leading Plastics Manufacturer

Capital Valley Plastics manufacture a full range of entry-level construction, commercial, and domestic use products. The majority of the products are made from 100% recycled material. However, there are plenty of other aspects which set the firm apart from competitors. We find out more as it wins Best Building Industry Plastics Manufacturer 2023 – South Wales.

Established in 1987, Capital Valley Plastics Ltd has emerged as a prominent force in the manufacturing and supplying of polythene film for the building and packaging industries. With a comprehensive range of products, including damp proof membranes, temporary protective sheeting, radon gas membranes, and shrink wrap film, the company has solidified its position as the go-to plastics manufacturer in South Wales.

One key factor that sets Capital Valley Plastics apart from its competitors is that the leadership team has a devotion to sustainability and recycling. The company actively recycles polymer collected from the local community and collaborates with blue-chip companies in closed-loop recycling schemes. This approach enables the conversion of LDPE waste into high-quality products such as damp proof membranes.

With one eye always on the future and saving the planet, Capital Valley Plastics demonstrates its dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing practices by striving to reduce the amount of LDPE sent to landfills.

Furthermore, Capital Valley Plastics differentiates itself from potential competitors by providing a seamless solution for its clients’ plastic waste management and establishing its position as a trusted partner in the industry.

However, the success of Capital Valley Plastics is only possible with the dedication and expertise of its staff. The company values its employees as essential family members, fostering a supportive and collaborative internal culture. Capital Valley Plastics seeks individuals with a can-do attitude when recruiting new talent. By maintaining a tight-knit team, the company ensures consistency in its production process and builds a strong foundation for continued success.

While the company has achieved remarkable growth, it has yet to be immune to challenges. Like many industries, Capital Valley Plastics faced obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the company adapted swiftly, utilising its manufacturing capabilities to produce plastics for the National Health Service (NHS). This flexibility allowed the company to contribute to the fight against the virus and provided unexpected benefits. The situation provided an opportunity to reflect on future goals and led to the early development of new products.

Furthermore, the surge in online sales among some clients necessitated adjustments in their operational procedures, highlighting their ability to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond, Capital Valley Plastics has exciting plans in store. The company plans to launch three new products over the next two years. These include a fire membrane, a new methene membrane, and a standard shrink wrap. By continually expanding its product range, Capital Valley Plastics aims to meet the evolving needs of its clients and maintain its position as the leading plastics manufacturer in South Wales.

Capital Valley Plastics sets an example for responsible and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. As it embarks on a journey of new product development, Capital Valley Plastics continues to shape the future of the building industry plastics sector, delivering high-quality solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of its valued clients.

SME News are looking forward to seeing where the vision takes the company and how it will further enhance the offerings and services provided to companies on a national scale.

For business enquiries, contact Simon Richards from Capital Valley Plastics on their website – www.capitalvalleyplastics.com

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