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Posted 8th February 2023

Swiss Cuban Cigars Reviews – Punch cigars | Swiss Cuban Cigars

Swiss Cuban Cigars is one of the biggest sellers of Cuban cigars on the Internet. As well as ensuring that a great smoke is delivered to customers, the company is committed to stamping out the scourge of fake cigars.

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swiss cuban cigars reviews – punch cigars | swiss cuban cigars.

Swiss Cuban Cigars Reviews – Punch cigars | Swiss Cuban Cigars

Swiss Cuban Cigars is one of the biggest sellers of Cuban cigars on the Internet. As well as ensuring that a
great smoke is delivered to customers, the company is committed to stamping out the scourge of fake cigars.

Cuban cigars online complete with the badge of authenticity

The market for Cuban cigars is flooded with fakes and, while some sellers may look legit, Swiss Cuban Cigars only sell Cuban cigars in their original sealed box, complete with the green seal. From the first purchase to serving customers looking for the largest selection of Cuban cigars available online, Swiss Cuban Cigars is the real deal.

In addition to keeping fake Cuban cigars away from their customers, Swiss Cuban Cigars also prides itself
in its amazing service. As well as great cigars at great prices, the Swiss Cuban Cigars team has a wealth of experience in selling the best Cuban cigars. This means that they can advise on all the cigars, offering quality products, fast shipping and great advice.

Swiss Cuban Cigars guarantee that fake Cuban cigars aren’t on offer!

One of the reasons for the success of the site is that people can shop with confidence. The business guarantees it’s only selling authentic brands, whether you’re looking for limited editions, Boveda packs, Romeo y Julieta or just about any brand you can think of and you expect them in good condition, then Swiss Cuban Cigars is for you.

The website is packed with information on the different brand names and it’s the biggest range you’ll find online. Swiss Cuban Cigars is based in Gran Canaria but promises fast delivery anywhere in the world.

The company also likes to review different brands from its great selection to help people who want to buy cigars know which to try. Reviews are also displayed on the website from Swiss Cuban customers, which gives another insight into the level of service and quality you can expect from the shop.

Swiss Cuban Cigars review the Punch brand of cigars

This review is of the Punch brand, which was launched by Manuel Lopez back in 1840. While you may assume that the name derives from the famous satirical magazine that was huge in the 19th century, the brand is actually named for Mr Punch of Punch & Judy fame.

It was one of the cigars that really caught on in Great Britain in particular . where it quickly became one
of the finest cigars on offer according to cigar aficionados.

Changing ownership for the first time

In 1874, the Punch brand was taken over when it was bought by Manuel Lopez Fernandez. He died in 1924 shortly after retiring, at which point he gave the brand to Esperanza Valle Comas.

However, Comas was wiped out by the 1929 Wall Street Crash and in 1930 Punch cigars was bought by Fernandez, Palicio y Cia. After this, Punch cigars became one of the flagship products for the company, along with Hoyo de Monterrey.

The British continued to love Punch and the cigar retained its popularity there and across Europe. 

Nationalisation and after

After the Cuban cigar industry was nationalised, Punch continued to be produced and has only grown in popularity since then.

It’s now classified by Habanos as one of their main portfolio brands, under a ‘value label’. They frequently make special editions, regional editions and some new releases every now and again.

Punch is not as big of a brand as it used to be back in the day, but it’s up there with the likes of Romeo y Julieta among popular cigars among smoking aficionados.

What’s the flavour profile of the Punch brand?

Punch cigars have a medium strength flavour and use tobacco harvested from the Vuelta Abajo region. This is the premium tobacco region in Cuba.

Packaging depends on the vitola (size), but they are sold individually in the green tubes that were introduced in 2009. Boxes of Habanos made Punch cigars also come in the tubes.

Today’s packaging also shows the Mr Punch legacy in its lithograph. The boxes show Punch smoking a cigar with his pet dog by his side.

Which size should you purchase?

The Punch range is large with lots of different sizes available.

There are plenty of reviews around on various websites – both official and customer driven – to give you an idea of the flavour and smokability.

For example, a review of the Punch Double Coronas will show you what people think about the cigar. We found a number of reviews saying that the Punch Double Coronas are up there with the very best on the market.

It’s worthwhile buying some and leaving in your humidor for up to five years to get the real experience of the cigar, as its aroma, flavour profile and taste increase over time.

What’s the best selling Punch cigar?

Of all the Punch cigars made by Habanos in Cuba, the best seller is the Punch Vintage.

A box of these comes at a great price, particularly for the high quality of the product. The cigar is handmade and comes with two separate wrappers.

Whichever wrapper you choose, the cigar will be medium bodied, with delicious notes of leather, earth and cedar as you smoke through to the final third.

Cigar lovers like the Punch Vintage for its quality and reliability, while newcomers to the world of Cuban cigars find it an accessible experience.

A brand created specifically for the British palate

Punch is one of the oldest Cuban brands, which is one reason why reviews tend to love their quality and
price. They were also created by Manuel Lopez all those years ago to directly appeal to British Havana smokers.

Their hope was that boxes of Punch cigars, all with fully stamped authenticity, would be sold in Britain and catch the then burgeoning market for the product.

This hope was very much rewarded when Punch took off among British smokers and business was booming.

Which box should you buy?

If you’re new to buying Cubans or you want to branch out and try something new, it’s difficult to get
something that stands out from the rest.

The Swiss Cuban Cigars website manages to sell all kinds of Cubans, all of a decent quality and price. The
best way, according to the team, to find out which brand or specific vitola would suit you best is to find a site with reviews and work your way through.

Reviews of Cubans are many and varied, as for many smokers, comparing the quality of those smoked is half the fun.

This offers buyers a huge service as it covers all bases from multiple different points of view. It’s
always best to read reviews from buyers rather than from a site itself to get a good idea which box would suit you best.

Buy from sites that offer more than just great service

Of course, the service of a site is important, and if there are independent reviews to read too, then
that’s also a good thing.

However, even the most official looking company can start a site selling counterfeit product. Swiss Cuban not only promises fast delivery, easy and secure payments, fast worldwide shipping
but also a secure provenance as a business that can be trusted.

The site only sells authenticated Cubans that offer the smoking experience that buyers should expect. And, of course, the added bonus of a business that has worked in this sector for many years, is that their advice can be trusted too!

If reviews of the Punch brand haven’t yet convinced you that they’re a great choice – and remember these are from people who have smoked the actual product – you may still find they’re a good bet for a gift.

Reviews show that they are dependable and accessible to everyone, so could fit the bill for anyone looking for a wedding cigar or to mark another special occasion.

Vitolas available in the Punch range

Punch offers a really wide variety of sizes, so we won’t list them all here. But the following
consistently score highly in reviews by companies and buyers alike.

A ring gauge of 50 and a length of 4.75 inches makes this a girthy choice. It’s more full than medium in flavour and is known for drawing and burning easily, right down to the final third.

The smoke is wheaty with a hint of spicy sweetness and a woody end.

This has a slightly smaller gauge at 46 and is longer at nearly six inches long. It’s a particularly pleasing looking choice and is packed with flavours. The review we saw praises “its sweeter notes of maple and honey”, particularly when compared with the spicy cedar undertone.

We picked this one because it’s smaller as a Petit Corona, but absolutely packed with flavour. Expect spices, leather and peppercorn with undertones of pepper and almonds.

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