Tequila Enemigo Challenges Excessive, Misleading Marketing and the Over-use of Celebrity Endorsements in World-first Campaign


Tequila Enemigo, the 7 x Double Gold/ Tequila of the Year award winner is the first spirits brand to call out the prevalent mismarketing practices recognised throughout the drinks industry.

The campaign entitled​ ‘Don’t Give A Bottle of Marketing’ features a cinematic video released in three parts during November. Each video highlights a form of overmarketing, or misused marketing technique, followed by a quote from an industry expert on the issues prevalence and how to avoid it. As the campaign progresses, Enemigo will continue to release expert quotes, creating a complete buyer guide to ensure consumers gift the highest quality bottle this holiday season. Expert quotes were sourced from key industry leaders at The Modern (2 Michelin stars), Del Posto (1 Michelin Star), Baccarat Hotel, Hakkasan, and Madeo Beverly Hills amongst many others.


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“In today’s world we are bombarded with advertising, and this only ramps up around the holidays with liquor brands encouraging consumers to buy more often than not, substandard products. We are now shining a bright spotlight on this issue, one that is recognised by all in our industry, and telling consumers loudly not to buy marketing this holiday season”– ​Robin Clough, CEO and Founder.

To increase awareness of the campaign, Enemigo is releasing the world’s first Instagram filter focussed on the growing misuse of influencer marketing. Titled ‘Influencer’, it draws attention to the world of paid Instagram promotion, a tool now prevalent in the drinks industry. Albeit light-hearted, it highlights the extremely limited regulation compared to other advertising formats and although some high-profile cases have been brought, most are free to spread misinformation.

“We decided that a filter- available to all- was the best way of reaching consumers. A lot of the influencers we follow are being paid, but most of us choose to ignore it. With this filter it is quite literally stamped across your forehead, reminding consumers to think twice before purchasing a paid for promotion product”- ​Max Davies-Gilbert, Managing Director and Founder.




“Marketing doesn’t mean quality. What matters is how the liquid tastes. If a brand has a budget to put a billboard up in Times Square, then great- but this won’t change the flavour. Word of mouth is the only testimonial that really matters.” –Patrick Smith – Bar Manager – The Modern (2 Michelin Stars), New York.