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Posted 9th January 2024

The Best Care, Delivered at Home

Based in Barrow-in-Furness, MSH Healthcare is a fully regulated home care service provider with a steadfast focus on safety, quality, people, and compassion.

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the best care, delivered at home.

The Best Care, Delivered at Home
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Based in Barrow-in-Furness, MSH Healthcare is a fully regulated home care service provider with a steadfast focus on safety, quality, people, and compassion. Whether you’re looking for 24-hour live-in care or occasional extra support, the company will arrange and manage a bespoke care plan that is completely unique to you and your needs. For its excellent work, MSH Healthcare has been named Best Elderly Care Organisation, Cumbria, in the Business Elite Awards 2023.


In 2019, MSH Healthcare was established with the goal of providing adults of all ages with the expert care and support they need to live their lives to the full in the comfort of their own homes. The company’s excellent home care services enable clients to live safely and with dignity and independence in the place they know best and love most.


Home care may be hugely beneficial to individuals in a number of situations. For example, for elderly people who are frail and need assistance with daily activities like washing and dressing, a home carer can be a huge support and a welcome alternative to moving into a residential care home.


MSH Healthcare’s friendly carers offer the elderly much more than just help with household tasks. With a home carer on hand to cook them regular meals, give them medication, and help in an emergency, they can rest assured that they are safe and that, if things go wrong, they are not alone. This can also provide their loved ones with peace of mind. Furthermore, the carer’s presence offers companionship, which a lot of elderly people living alone are unable to go out and seek.


Moreover, for someone who is living with dementia, it can be beneficial to have the daily support of a familiar face to ease their anxiety. As a member of the Dementia Action Alliance, MSH Healthcare is always looking to provide the best support to those with different types of dementia. The company ensures that each carer works with the client for weeks at a time before taking time off, with the help of a consistent relief carer.


MSH Healthcare is equipped with an excellent team of dementia specialists who can offer useful tips for managing the various challenging behaviours associated with the condition. The team’s focus is on understanding the causes of these behaviours and adjusting their support accordingly, whether it involves using visual prompts for people and rooms, making changes to mealtime routines, or initiating rewarding activities like creating a life story book.


Furthermore, MSH Healthcare’s team have experience with a number of other conditions, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, strokes, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, diabetes, Huntington’s disease, and even depression and anxiety. If needed, the company’s outstanding team of Registered Nurses are on hand to offer extra help.


For those who have recently had a planned operation or have been injured in an accident, extra support may be necessary for a few days or longer to make the recovery process smoother, easier, and more comfortable for them. As part of this service, one of MSH Healthcare’s carers will cook their meals, carry out basic household chores, and provide support with strengthening exercises based on guidance from their physiotherapist.


Lastly, for someone with a serious illness that cannot be cured, palliative home care can provide much-needed physical, emotional, and practical support. As they near the end of their life, one of MSH Healthcare’s trained palliative carers will do everything they can to make them as comfortable as possible. In this, they provide specialist support and take care of the necessary day-to-day tasks, enabling the individual to focus on spending their last moments in the company of their loved ones before they pass peacefully in their home.


No matter the individual’s situation, whether they need regular care visits or the dedicated support of a live-in carer, there are plenty of home care options available with MSH Healthcare. From home help and companionship care to more intensive dementia care and palliative care, the company offers excellent services, delivered by individuals who are committed to positively impacting people’s lives.


MSH Healthcare understands that every person is unique and that, depending on their situation and preferences, they will need different things from their home care services. For this reason, the company is committed to tailoring its offerings to suit the client’s individual requirements, needs, and preferences. Working with the individual and their family, it creates a bespoke care plan that reflects their unique situation and desires, ensuring that they receive as much or as little support as they need to continue living in their own home.


Over the years, MSH Healthcare has received a number of positive reviews. For example, one states, “Fantastic care company that goes above and beyond to meet our ever-changing needs during uncertain times. I have had to change days and times due to hospital appointments. All changes have easily been made, which takes away a lot of our worries. Big thank you to MSH from all our family.”


For its exceptional home care services, MSH Healthcare has been named Best Elderly Care Organisation, Cumbria, in the Business Elite Awards 2023. With this prestigious title under its belt, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future as it continues to provide unmatched home care to those who need it.


For business enquiries, contact Katie Hughes from MSH Healthcare on their website – www.mshhealthcare.co.uk

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