These Are the Jobs Crying For Young British Workers


Let’s look at some of the most common occupations for teens. These are all spot on! 



Babysitting jobs are simple to come by and don’t need much effort (assuming the youngsters you’re watching are well behaved!).

If you have family friends with small children, see if they’d want you to babysit for them.

They may even tell their friends about you if you’re good enough.

Although there is no legal minimum age for babysitting, if you are under the age of 16, the parent or caregiver for whom you are babysitting is responsible for you and their child’s safety.


Work in the garden

Gardening is a rewarding hobby, yet many gardeners don’t have time to do routine maintenance such as weeding, grass mowing, and power washing decks and patios.

Start by asking your neighbors if they have any tasks they’d want you to do if you believe you have the expertise.

You may even demonstrate your business spirit by creating a Facebook profile to promote your services.



Working at a neighborhood business after school or on weekends is a terrific way to earn money, meet new people, and build confidence.

Working in retail may help you learn skills that you won’t find anyplace else, even if you start out performing little duties like restocking shelves and cleaning up. And always look for that sticky wicket!


Walking the dog

Dog walking is a great profession for animal lovers, and it’s much easier if you own a dog.

Ask around to see if anybody in your neighborhood needs assistance walking their dog in the mornings or afternoons.

If they like your dog walking services, they may ask you to dog-sit for them while they are on vacation or if they need to travel someplace for the day and can’t take their dog.


Crafts for sale on the internet

There are a slew of websites, such as Etsy and Depop, where people can sell their handmade goods.

You may be able to earn some additional money by painting, embroidering, or making goods to sell on these platforms if you have a creative streak and a lot of free time.

If you decide to do this, you should enlist the support of a parent to assist you with the financial side of things.

Newspaper Distribution

To deliver newspapers, you’ll need to be a morning person, but completing your daily round may be gratifying!

Check with your local newsagent to see if any paperboys or papergirls are needed.



Cleaning is an excellent first job, whether it’s for your family, a large corporation, or a little business.

Cleaning to a professional quality is simple to learn, and customers often tip well.


Salon de coiffure

If you want to pursue a career in hairdressing, this is an excellent place to start.

Although you won’t be near the scissors, you’ll acquire experience with what it’s like to work in a salon on a day-to-day basis, which can help you get your foot in the door if you decide to take an apprenticeship or go to college to study hairstyling later.

Cleaning, brushing up hair, and providing beverages for customers will be among your responsibilities.


Akeela Zahair

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