Using Virtual Data Rooms for Increased Data Security

As a thriving company, you handle sensitive information about your company and clients. These
documents if leaked could lead to catastrophic consequences and even the loss of your firm.
For this reason, data security is paramount, a sector of your business that shouldn’t be skimped on.
Data room providers are leading the race for providing secure means of storing your files and today we’re going to discuss how.

The major risks of unsafe document storage

Data security:
There are various threats to information security, these include;
● Too much data access: The company data is one of the most sensitive properties of an
organization, thus, it should be strictly secured. But without a basic framework in play, users
cannot assure the exclusiveness of their information.
● Poor password security: Studies on login credentials concludes that at least 1.5% of all internet
login information is vulnerable to attacks. This stolen information can be used to inflict even
further damage on the company’s IT network.
● Employee data theft: There are always malicious outsiders looking to weasel through your
cybersecurity measures and obtain data illegally. But sometimes there are insiders who either
from intuition or due to bribery, purposefully compromise customer data.

Main features of data rooms that protect sensitive data

A virtual data room is a secure space for users to store their vital information like legal and financial
documents. The features that give it its capabilities include:
● Digital watermarking: A good VDR provides you with the ability to apply digital watermarks
which help battle the illegal copying of data. It should have both static and dynamic digital
watermarking on audio, text, video, and even JPEG files. It helps you fight against information
leaks by tracking who downloads or prints your information.
● Two-factor authentication: This reduces the chances of password theft and unauthorized
access into the data room. It does this by requiring an extra code or additional factional
information about yourself before providing access to the data room’s library. A two-factor
authentication system is an effective way to protect your files from theft.
● Document permission and view restriction settings: A virtual data room that lets you set
specific restrictions and permissions is optimal for ensuring safe file storage. During periods of collaboration, you may want to provide restricted access to a team member; this is where this
feature comes in. Thanks to it, you can allow access to certain areas of your document while
restricting access to another section.
● Boasts dependable customer support: When deciding on a VDR software, you should pay
attention to the type of customer support and service they offer. This software is being used
around the globe from dawn to dusk, which implies you will need customer support that does
just that. So, data room providers that offer 24/7 support are usually the preferred choice for
best performance.

Final thoughts

Handling clients’ sensitive information is a high-stakes business because if your company loses its
integrity, the results are usually on the red side. This is why most firms and organizations are investing heavily in data security as it is the backbone of every successful business. Virtual data rooms are the future both efficiency- and security-wise, so hop on the train or watch your business grow and develop.