Ways to Increase Engagement on your Business Website

A common issue that many business owners may find themselves facing is not a lack of traffic to their business website, but instead a lack of engagement. If you find that users landing on your site are not engaging, there are a few things that you can do to combat this, increasing your engagement rated and website performance as a whole. In the article below, In Front Digital, an SEO agency in Birmingham, will discuss the ways that you can work to increase engagement on your company website, helping you to achieve online success.

Optimise your Navigation

The main navigation on your business website should ideally be located at the very top of all of your website pages, and should aim to clearly display the main pages on your site, such as product & service pages and the contact page. Clearly categorising the pages on your website helps to make information more accessible to users, meaning it will be easier for potential customers to find what they are looking for.
If your site is easy to navigate and your important pages easily located, users are much more likely to engage with the content that you have to offer.

Improve Website Load Time

If your company website has slow loading times, the chances of your potential customers waiting around to find the information that they’re looking for are slim. Users expect quick load times, and if they are greeted by slow-acting website pages, it’s likely that they’ll leave to search for the products & services that you offer elsewhere; this can impact your engagement rates. The load time of your company website should ideally be below 3 seconds, so monitoring your site loading time and identifying the elements that could be slowing you down can be a great way to improve engagement and eliminate any issues.

Simplify your Page Layout

The purpose of each page on your company website should be clear and easy to understand, working to provide users with any necessary information that they may be looking for. A busy page layout can often be overwhelming and may deter potential customers from engaging with your business’ website all together.

It’s important to make your company website accessible to all users, ensuring that any and all site visitors are catered for and able to engage with the information that your website provides, regardless of visual impairment or disability.
Best practice is to keep your page layout simple. By making just a few easy changes, such as ensuring that all content is easy to read, limiting the number of call-to-actions present on each page, and optimising your site navigation, you can greatly improve the level of engagement seen on your company website.

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Lauren Priddey is a digital marketing executive at In Front Digital, a Midlands based digital marketing agency in the U.K. specializing in SEO, PPC and analytics consulting. In Front works with a range of local and international businesses to help them increase their online visibility and rankings within the organic search results.


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