What Would be the Benefits of a Touchless Vending Machine?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has given various industries the push to develop new technologies to cope with the ‘new normal.’ Not only do these technologies allow continuous business operations away from the original workplace, but regular consumers will also be able to enjoy old comforts more safely.  

The spread of COVID-19 has prompted businesses to create enhanced ways for buyers to conduct their transactions. What better way to get what you need than through a vending machine that you do not have to touch? 

Before diving into the benefits of a touchless machine, let’s dispel one myth about this technology regarding its cost. Trusted vending machine providers will not charge you to procure a machine. So, acquiring and placing one in your facilities can be as easy as making a phone call. 

That said, as we navigate working in a pandemic, be sure it’s to get a touchless machine you’re getting. A traditional push-button solution would not address the safety and hygiene needs required to be safe during this pandemic (or anytime, really – who wants a germy often-touched ‘anything’ in a public place?)


Why Go ‘Touchless?’  

Some touchless vending machines work with apps that you can download into your smartphone or use NFC just like the Tube or any other touchless payment technology. This enables cashless transactions that are safer, making it ideal for heavily trafficked areas like school campuses and offices. Currently, COVID-19 is still upon us, and we need safety measures to contain the spread of the virus more than ever. 

Going touchless can help businesses to keep operating by providing safe options for customers. You are also taking care of your employees who need to work while keeping safe. 

Touchless technology is pushing possibilities beyond expectations, providing solutions to help the masses adapt to the world’s current state. Businesses can look into contactless vending machines and make the switch to this equipment. One company in the UK, Stop The Spread Solutions, doesn’t even require a fee for placing a machine. It’s effortless to find and use this solution in your business.


What Touchless Vending Machines Can Do for You 

The technology that companies like Stop The Spread Solutions comes with many options for safe PPE and rapid test kit dispensing. It also makes things easier for businesses as they come with features that keep both owners and customers safe at a distance from others. As long as you have access to the Internet or phone data or an NFC payment, you can perform actions in a few taps—but that’s not all you can expect from touchless vending machines:  


Anti-Microbial Touchscreens 

One of the more essential features of touchless technology is to have hydrophobic surfaces for 24/7 protection against disease-causing germs. There are many sizes and kinds of these screens, and as such, there are compatible options available for most existing machines. 


By App or by Scanning Codes 

Depending on the type of vending machine, you can either use an app to help you connect to it or scan a unique QR code generated by the device. You can access information about products and choose various options for fast transactions without touching anything on the vending machine.


24/7 Customer Service   

The providers of these vending machines provide fully trained service agents behind avatars for self-service kiosks. You can access them without touching the machines, increasing the positive customer experience. These kiosks function in many languages for customers all over the world.  


Cashless Transactions 

With these vending machines, you can pay for goods and services electronically. The app you download associated with the machine can help you access your accounts or cards in order to pay for your goods. You can skip the trip to the nearest ATM and directly pay for what you need instead—you don’t have to carry money with you if there’s a vending machine nearby.   


Automated Delivery Flaps 

Some vending machines have flaps that open automatically once it dispenses items. They also close once the item is successfully retrieved. This is another touchless feature that is practical and convenient even without the current circumstances.  


Sterilization Systems 

Some touchless vending machines use UV-C sterilization on its dispensing mechanism once the transaction is complete. It eliminates traces of bacteria to wipe out the possibility of contamination from any potential source of bacterial and viral infection. 


Air Touch Technology 

Some vending machines are equipped with distance, or air touch, technology enable consumers to choose any product they want at  two cm away from the electronic panel. Just point a finger without touching, and the machine responds—this wipes out the possibility of contracting germs via touch. You’ll only need to touch the items the machines dispense.  


Reduced Service Calls

Touchless vending machines have lowered service calls by 90 percent. It contributes to the business by saving in service expenses and improving the machine’s longevity.  


No More Losing Money 

The worst thing a customer can experience with an old vending machine is it eating your money without giving you anything. Luckily, touchless vending machines have advanced technology that prevents the trapping of items and eliminates the risk of the machine malfunctioning as it accepts cash.    


Interactive from a Distance 

This technology is not limited to just vending machines. Modern jukeboxes give customers access to various establishments where they can enjoy music without using their hands. They only need to operate these machines via a website or app to create playlists, filter genres, and control the volume. Customers don’t need to stand up and control the jukebox manually.


Hygienic Purposes 

Distanced interactions with technology aren’t new—they’ve existed in other machines as well, such as handwashing stations and hand sanitizing dispensers for customers who came in contact with any other machines. These machines have built-in sensors that automatically detect hands underneath them and dispense water, soap, or hand sanitizer accordingly. 


In Conclusion 

Vending machines are important because of the consumer value they offer. They may contain essential items that people need and can get without traveling far. Cashless transactions also eliminate the need for the customer to carry money, reducing the chances of theft. Touchless vending machines are accessible by anyone, anytime, and with fewer risks of getting or spreading the virus.