Why composite decking is an easy option for homeowners

Composite Decking

With the arrival of springtime and the onset of summer, many homeowners in the United Kingdom have considered upgrading their dilapidated decks and docks. Lawns and homes continue to serve an important function, despite continued travel limits and COVID worries. Whether you want to replace your deck in London, Edinburgh, or Birmingham, create a backyard oasis in your Manchester home or replace an exhausted deck, a rapid rise in timber costs and scarcity makes today an excellent time to choose composite decking.

For many homeowners, composite decking is increasingly becoming a sensible decking option. The cost difference between pressure-treated and composite lumber has decreased dramatically as prices of pressure-treated wood have risen, making composite decking an easy option.


Here’s why composite decking is an easy option for homeowners:


Value and Quality

Even though composite decking has typically been a little more costly than pressure-treated decking, it has never seen the same price rises as pressure-treated decking in recent years. The pricing disparity has shrunk as a result of this. While it is still more expensive to set up at first, its longevity and restricted 25-year warranties make it a great value compared to a hardwood dock or deck’s expected lifespan of roughly 10-15 years. When you think of the effort and materials required for regular wood deck upkeep, such as power washing, painting, and coating, composite decking becomes an appealing time and money-saving alternative.

Composite decking will never decay, splinter, or shrink. It’s insect-resistant, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant. In the United Kingdom, warm summers and severe winters can be tough on wood materials. Timber decks can distort and splinter as a result of the freeze-thaw cycle. Composite decking is resistant to weather elements and will last for many years. The bottom line is that your investments will pay off in the long run, giving you extra time to spend with friends and family members on your lovely deck.


Aesthetically appealing

With a wide choice of colours, the flexibility to be heated and fixed in a curving way, and a hidden clip fastening mechanism that removes the need for screws, composite decking presents numerous creative design opportunities. Homeowners who need a high-quality composite decking board to turn their deck ideas into reality should head to Ultra Decking.

Each composite decking board is engineered to be uniform in looks and texture. Furthermore, composite decking’s revolutionary manufacturing technology creates moisture-resistant decking boards. This makes it ideal for docks, swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs and other moist environments. Install it once, do it correctly, and you don’t worry about it.


It’s easy to keep tidy and maintain

Once installed, the composite deck is amazingly simple to maintain. It’s easy to clean up afterwards. Gently sweep with a broom or blow away dirt; any spillage or spots may be cleaned with a scrubbing brush and soapy water – nothing more. It doesn’t splinter like typical wood flooring, and when paired with a slip-resistant, natural wood finish, it creates a foot-friendly, attractive surface that will last for decades.


Environmentally Sustainable

Among the most significant advantages of composite decking is its environmental friendliness. The majority of the components used to manufacture these composite deck boards are recycled, ensuring that manufacturers do not negatively impact the environment.

The use of toxic chemicals to preserve other wood deck varieties has been completely eradicated with composite decking. Homeowners may rest easy knowing that their composite deck is contributing to a healthier environment.


Enhanced Home Appearance

You can enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space with a composite deck.

You won’t regret using a composite deck if you want to design an environmentally sustainable, low-maintenance deck that will last for decades. Homeowners can always consult their local composite deck manufacturer. This will guarantee that their home extension is suited to their needs.


Low maintenance

If you’ve ever had a timber deck, you’re well aware of the level of maintenance needed to protect it from harsh weather and bugs.

Decay, temperature, predatory insects, and frequent use can all cause significant damage to wood decks.

Timber decking owners invest many hours, not to mention the financial expenses, to maintain their deck.

For timber decks, homeowners apply protective treatments, which are useful for a short time but do not provide long-term protection.

Chemicals are applied to pressure-treated timber decks to provide them more resistance to pests and decay. However, pressure-treated timber is prone to retaining moisture, shrinking, and warping. Unfortunately, pressure-treated wood quickly loses its new appearance.

Composite decking does not require the same level of upkeep as timber decking. Most composite decking is enclosed with an outermost surface and is constructed from recyclable materials (wood and plastic).

This results in a tough external shell that resists staining, mould, chipping, pests, UV degradation, and other problems.

Traditional timber decking has a ten to fifteen-year lifespan. Since composite decking is pest and mould resistant, it can last anywhere from twenty to thirty years.

Akeela Zahair