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Posted 10th August 2020

Why You Should Combine Print and Digital Marketing

Both print and digital marketing can be combined into a dynamic strategy to deliver the best ROI. Here are four reasons why you should combine printed and digital marketing.

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why you should combine print and digital marketing.

Why You Should Combine Print and Digital Marketing

In the past few years, many companies have been turning their marketing efforts away from using printed materials such as leaflets and flyers to digital formats. However, many others continue to use print marketing. This has led to many start-ups not being sure which of the two marketing methods is better and more effective. The good news is, you don’t have to choose. Both print and digital marketing can be combined into a dynamic strategy to deliver the best ROI. Here are four reasons why you should combine printed and digital marketing:

We believe the most successful companies are using both print and digital media channels in conjunction with one another, creating engaging and provoking marketing materials.

1. Promotes trust in your brand

Although online channels such as social media platforms offer a larger, more captive audience, according to statistics, 82% of people trust printed advertisements over online alternatives. Hence, combining both methods will not only generate online traffic but serve to cement trust in audiences who may not be as familiar with your brand.


2. Increases traffic to your digital channels and vice versa

As you prepare your flyers and leaflets to hand out door to door, remember to include your social media handles and website on them directing people to visit your online channels. For SMEs, whose primary goal is to increase their customer base by creating awareness of the brand, this is a very effective solution to drive online traffic. Using QR codes and call for actions on your printed flyers and leaflets is a great way to encourage your customers to visit your digital platforms. Leaflet printing is a great way to reach a large audience base easily and cost-effectively.


3. The right medium for your target audience

It is a myth that print marketing is dead. For instance, when it comes to B2B marketing, social media might not be the best avenue. When making a pitch to other businesses why they need you as a supplier for what their company needs, giving out brochures and leaflets indicating what services you offer will be more appropriate. High-quality brochure printing is essential for global businesses to connect with customers, investors even their own employees. These can directly complement sustained strategies such as targeted web content and other digital marketing techniques.


4. Marketing to the max

As more companies continue to use online marketing as their main advertising channel, more people become oblivious to the many popups and sponsored posts that they are bombarded with. However, it is difficult for them to ignore posters or flyers and other printed materials directly mailed to them. Hence, using both print and digital marketing will ensure that you reach your target customers one way or the other, reinforcing both your offline and online presence.

Combining print and digital marketing strategies is the best way to make the most of your promotional campaigns and hit all areas of your audience base. 

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