Your Handy Guide to Vehicle Security

Your Handy Guide to Vehicle Security

Our vehicles are valuable assets, whether they serve a purpose for work or leisure, they are very important to us and are becoming more and more expensive. For this reason, vehicle security has never been more important to car owners. In the UK alone, car theft is a huge issue for our authorities as they attempt to tackle the modern tactics and organised crime groups now involved with various types of vehicle theft, including keyless entry, and stolen to order car theft. FitMyTracker, providers of vehicle trackers, have helped to create this guide, which offers information about various types of vehicle security and some top tips to preventing vehicle theft. 


Car security for at home 

For keeping your car secure while at home the police recommend a few security tips:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked when leaving your car on the driveway or parked on the street. Despite whether you have watchful neighbours or live in a private, quiet street, it is better to be cautious.

  • Consider installing a car immobiliser to your vehicle. This will prevent your car from being hotwired and stolen.

  • Purchase a steering wheel lock to prevent thieves from being able to drive away with your car.

  • Do not leave valuable belongings in your car overnight, this will only make your vehicle a bigger target.


Keeping your keys safe 

Keeping your keys safe seems like a no-brainer but it is surprising how many thieves can get away with a vehicle and the set of keys within seconds, much sooner than the owner will have even realised the keys are missing. 

  • Always keep your keys out of sight and safe at home. Do not leave them in the door or by the entry points of your house. Many thieves will take their chances with letter boxes and windows to get their hands on the set of keys.

  • Never leave keys inside your vehicle, despite leaving your vehicle for only a minute or two. Thieves will sometimes sit and watch in the hopes a set of keys will be left in the ignition as the car owner runs into the house or petrol station. 


Since technology has advanced, as have thieves. Having learnt to target vehicles with keyless entry systems, thieves can use digital scanners which will unlock the vehicle without a single trace of forced entry or damage. This now causes more issues for car owners. Other safety measures such as vehicle trackers, immobilisers, alarms, and steering wheel locks may be useful as an additional level of security. It is important as a vehicle owner, you understand the digital functions of your vehicle and know how to prevent a keyless theft. This could include keeping the fob a far distance from your vehicle overnight or turning the fob off at night. 


Vehicle Trackers 

Adding further additional security features will provide you peace of mind and extra security for your vehicle. This could include an immobiliser or vehicle tracker. 

Car trackers can be installed discreetly to many types of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, vans, HGVs, and caravans. They work by using GPS technology to track and monitor the location of your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, no matter where you are, your vehicle tracker will provide you peace of mind, alerting you to any suspicious movement of your vehicle. With access to the data via your mobile, tablet, or PC, a car tracker is also really easy to use. If in the unfortunate incident your car is stolen from your property, the information from your vehicle tracker can be used by police to aid in their recovery of your vehicle.  


What does ‘Thatcham Approved’ mean?

Thatcham is a product research company, and they help define the industry benchmark for vehicle security systems. Thatcham categorise car security products that meet requirements depending on the product’s functions. This category system ensures that products are fit for use on the roads. When installing an additional security system or device to your vehicle, always check for the Thatcham category of the product to ensure it meets their standard. Having the Thatcham approval may mean your device Is recognised by your insurance company and could have a positive effect on your annual premiums.

Akeela Zahair

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