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Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters,
1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE14 1LS

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Best Leadership & Executive Coaching Provider 2024Awards30th May 2024Best Leadership & Executive Coaching Provider 2024

When asked what led her to work within the industry of leadership and executive coaching, Dame Neslyn Watson-Druée DBE simply replied, “to be a role model”. It was back in 1989 that she developed Beacon Organisational Development (Beacon) as a sole trader

Medico-Legal & Digital solutions CEO of the Year – UKAwards30th May 2024Medico-Legal & Digital solutions CEO of the Year – UK

Since inception, The Medical League’s focus has been set on helping healthcare professionals. Originally known as The Doctors League, its passion lies in addressing the unique challenges faced by nurses, doctors, and therapists across the healthcare industry

How To Keep High-Traffic Areas In Your Office Safe And CleanAwards3rd April 2023How To Keep High-Traffic Areas In Your Office Safe And Clean

In a bustling office environment, high-traffic areas are unavoidable. With employees, clients, and guests constantly walking through, these areas can quickly become hotspots for dirt, germs, and potential hazards.

Five Steps to Mastering Performance Management for SMEs in 2022Awards22nd December 2021Five Steps to Mastering Performance Management for SMEs in 2022

Performance Management is a vital part of business success. It can often be neglected by hard-working, high-paced, multi-tasking business owners, but it is a key part of employment for any business and mastering it will help your employees to work at their bes

Fantastic Flowers Bloom in the CapitalAwards16th April 2021Fantastic Flowers Bloom in the Capital

Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of flowers, in all their radiant wonder. At the right time of year, flowers are truly stunning additions to almost any interior or exterior space. A garden can come to life with bursts of colour, or carefully placed