• The rise of virtual events in a post-Covid world

    The rise of virtual events in a post-Covid world0

    Although non-essential shops re-opened on April 12, it’s still going to be some time before companies book themselves onto trade shows and larger corporate events with face-to-face interaction. With this in mind, Richard Stone, founder of retailer and wholesaler Sass & Belle, has put together a list of ways for businesses to maximise their digital presence.

  • Supporting the Younger Generation

    Supporting the Younger Generation0

    Five Rivers Child Care is one of the UK’s most experienced social enterprises, with a clear mission to turn children’s lives around. Founded in 1989, Five Rivers today provides specialist, therapeutic children’s services spanning fostering, residential children’s homes, specialist education and assessment and therapy. We speak to Martin Leitch, Head of Fostering Operations, who tells us more about Five Rivers and its core values.

  • 3 Business Leaders Every SME Should Emulate

    3 Business Leaders Every SME Should Emulate0

    Originality often pays off when running an SME in this climate. However, standing out from the crowd doesn’t mean that you have to avoid following anyone else’s lead.

  • Finding The Perfect Solution

    Finding The Perfect Solution0

    GEL Studios, a creative agency based in Swindon, is doing things differently and with great success! Recently, we caught up with Managing Director, Graeme Leighfield to find out more about the firm and its award-winning innovative approach.

  • Top 5 Eco-changes for Offices to Make, Post Lockdown

    Top 5 Eco-changes for Offices to Make, Post Lockdown0

    With the UK now on a slow but steady path back towards normality, the prospect of returning to the office is at the forefront of our minds. Despite the challenges of working from home, there have been a number of environmentally beneficial effects from staying local and avoiding the commute. Here, Lars Ronning, from impactful habit inducing app Ailuna, outlines 5 easy and effective ways to continue to be environmentally conscious when back at your workplace.

  • 5 workplace design changes that happened due to the pandemic

    5 workplace design changes that happened due to the pandemic0

    The global pandemic had forced companies to take a closer look at their office designs. In the age of social distancing, shared spaces and frequently touched surfaces are major concerns. While all employers are searching for ways to adapt, customer-facing businesses are especially concerned. Here are five design changes workplaces made in response to the pandemic and how they help to minimize risks.