• 2020 Legal Awards Press Release

    2020 Legal Awards Press Release0

    The legal industry plays a significant role in the UK economy, not only in terms of employment numbers but their overall contribution to the national economy, experts and the UK’s trade. As such, we are proud to host our annual Legal Awards with the intention to cast a spotlight on the very best that this sector has to offer.

  • 2020 UK Transport Press Release

    2020 UK Transport Press Release0

    The transport and logistics industries are proving to be an essential presence in what is, by all regards, a challenging time. While both have long been considered the life blood of British business, it is swiftly becoming apparent how crucial the simple ability to move things from one place to another is to day to day life. With that, we have endeavoured to celebrate just a few of the achievements and successes in this extraordinary sector.

  • Scottish Enterprise Awards Press Release

    Scottish Enterprise Awards Press Release0

    Scottish business is thriving, driven by a singular drive towards constant innovation and creativity. Whilst many consider London to be the UK’s central business hub, there’s certainly a strong argument to be made that it’s moving north, in search of more ambitious, novel pastures. Indeed, some of the most promising new SMEs are being born in Scotland, away from the intense competition of the south, given room to thrive and flourish.