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Posted 14th December 2023

Dealing With Birds At Your Commercial Site: Practical Tips

Not only are birds extremely noisy and disruptive, but their guano (droppings) can be a major health hazard to your staff

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dealing with birds at your commercial site: practical tips.

Dealing With Birds At Your Commercial Site: Practical Tips

Birds are majestic, beautiful creatures that are the cornerstone of our natural ecosystem. Unfortunately, they can also be a menace, especially when they decide to build their nests on corporate properties.

Not only are birds extremely noisy and disruptive, but their guano (droppings) can be a major health hazard to your staff, customers and anyone who visits your premises. Birds can also be destructive, especially when they’re building their nests, and are prone to shredding materials or worsening holes in structures to create a comfortable place to lay their eggs.

Whether you run an office and have birds cawing through your windows or a warehouse that’s dealing with birds making a mess outside, almost every business with every type of commercial premises will have to deal with nuisance birds at one point or another.

To help, SME News has put together this list of practical tips to allow you to get rid of pest birds safely and effectively.

Secure Bins And Keep Outdoor Areas Tidy

Like most pests, nuisance birds are always looking for food sources, and overflowing bins and untidy outdoor spaces can be the perfect place to scavenge. So, if you notice birds hanging around outside your commercial property, the first step is to clean up any debris and secure any outdoor bins to keep birds out. Cutting off their food source will encourage the birds to fly elsewhere, and they tend to nest near where they eat regularly, so you might be able to deal with the problem using this simple technique.

Get Professional Bird Proofing For Solar Panels

As well as food sources, you also need to remove places for birds to nest. A common place that birds, particularly pigeons, like to roost is under solar panels. If your business has solar panels, then you need to make sure that they are adequately bird proofed. Not only do pigeons nesting under your solar panels cause a disturbance, but they can also reduce the efficiency of the technology, so you need to invest in solar panel bird proofing as soon as possible. Experts like Integrum have extensive experience in this area and can also offer other bird proofing solutions such as bird netting, bird spikes and bird deterrent technology.

Cut Back Overhanging Branches

If there are trees near your commercial property, then birds may nest in these and come across to your roof to find nesting materials or food. If this is the case, then you might want to consider cutting back any overhanging branches to keep the birds at bay. This approach can also help to reduce the detritus that falls from the trees, such as seed pods and leaves, which can cause issues with car parking and the general appearance of the frontage of your commercial property. Hire a professional tree surgeon to ensure that the job is done correctly and that the branches are removed safely.

Try A Decoy Bird Scarer

For flat roofs or areas where birds like to congregate, consider using a decoy bird. These fake birds don’t look like much at close range, but birds often mistake them for other birds or predators like owls, depending on the decoy you choose. Many wild birds, particularly pigeons, are highly territorial, which is part of the reason why homing pigeons are so good at finding their way back to wherever they roost. If they see another bird in the area, they will look elsewhere for somewhere to build nests rather than encroach on the other bird’s territory. These decoys are easy to use and can prevent birds from nesting on and around your commercial property.

Wrapping Up

Keeping pigeons and other nuisance birds, such as seagulls, away from your commercial property is important for the safety of your stock, staff and building structure. These techniques are simple ways you can reduce the impact the birds have on your company, but each business is different, so you might need to experiment to find the tactics that work for you. It’s also important to note that birds are highly intelligent and may cotton onto some techniques, such as bird decoys, so be prepared to adapt your approach where necessary. By being vigilant and flexible, you can find ways to stop nuisance birds from causing issues for your SME.

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