Framerstamp- Best Specialist Personal Gift Company 2019

frame a stamp

For those who are looking for a special gift to show that they really care, Framerstamp may be the perfect company. Framing mint stamps into personal gifts, which are designed and handmade in the United Kingdom, this mother and daughter dream team recognise the work and artistic skill that goes into creating stamps. As part of our Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019, discover what makes this team one of the best specialist personal gift companies.

Using quality card, and specially-cut mounts and frames, Framerstamp can create beautiful handmade framed stamp designs to meet individual interests, or perhaps a year of birth. For that lasting, special gift, this company are dedicated to providing a truly unique and memorable service.

The team at Framerstamp have always recognised the high levels of artistic skill and dexterity that go into creating just one individual stamp. Deciding that they wanted to make them into a format that can be easily displayed and appreciated by all, the company now create unique designs of framed stamps as personalised gifts. By creating sets of framed stamps, from as early as 1935, the company also aims to cater for many interests, since stamps cover a very wide range of hobbies, professional interests or places people have visited and enjoyed. To name but a few, Framerstamp offer designs for entertainment, TV and film, children, history, science and technology, and sporting stamps.

From England winning the World Cup in 1966, and Concorde’s maiden flight 1969, right through to London hosting the 2012 Olympics, there is sure to be something for everyone at Framerstamp. Whether the recipient is a lover of literature, or a football fanatic, these beautiful specialist gifts are sure to spark joy in anyone’s life. Framed stamps are also very popular with children or even those a little bit older who love to remember their childhood memories. There are stamps for Paddington, Tintin, Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh and many more children’s favourites.

For keen stamp collectors who enjoy having matching sets, Framerstamp endeavour to make sure that each stamp design within a certain area of interest has the same frame to make collecting that little bit more satisfying.

Each frame is professionally backed with framing tape and individually labelled with the year of the stamps and their titles.

Not content to only offer collections of mint stamps from throughout history, the team at Framerstamp can also take clients own stamps and turn them into beautiful, handcrafted framed designs from scratch.

The key to Framerstamp’s success is creating beautiful, handmade gifts that are truly personal. Incorporating a wide variety of interests and historical culture, each one of these fantastically designed stamp frames are a perfect gift for that someone looking for something a little bit special.