Galentine’s Day 2020: Let’s Celebrate The Importance Of Collaboration Between Women In Business


This Galentine’s Day three female-led businesses are celebrating the magic that happens when women in business collaborate.

Well Defined, Fempowerment Box and Seasonal Socials all run their businesses around the principles of providing support, collaboration and uplift businesses run or led by women.

On February 13th, women traditionally acknowledge the unique strength of female friendships and the support they bring. As more women take the leap of starting their own business or side hustle, in 2020 Galentine’s Day is taking on a new significance, marking the act of collaboration within networks of women in business and the support this gives.

Rebecca Marley, Founder of Fempowerment Box, a subscription box company that works solely with female founded or led businesses, says this is the key to the success of her business:

“I have always believed that women alone are a powerful force, but even more powerful when united as a sisterhood. History and society have conditioned us to be competitive with one another because of the limited number of seats for women at the top table but it’s so clear to me that that strategy simply does not work. The truth is that when we channel the power of collaboration, by championing and raising each other up, we can change the equation – and have a lot of fun along the way. The combinations of strengths can make your table even better, we aren’t (and cannot be) experts in everything so it’s important to build your squad”

Chelsea Cox, Founder of Well Defined – a business consultancy for women in business or female led brands mirrors these sentiments:

“I collaborate on almost a daily basis with other women in business, even those offering a similar service to myself, I am a huge champion of collaboration over competition and feel that as a whole, women will get a lot further ahead if we support each other and rise together. I put the success of my business down to having a strong network of inspiring, supportive and encouraging women in business around me that are always on hand to offer guidance and help, it’s imperative to have that support as having your own business can be a lonely place”

New networking opportunities are popping up all over the country giving women in business a platform to form these bonds and build on the their network. Seasonal Socials was founded by Sophie Clyde-Smith and Liz Spears as a side hustle to their own separate businesses. They run networking events for women in business, including their latest sell out Galentine’s Day brunch:

“Historically, there has been an imbalance in opportunities for females in business. Because of this, many industries and companies have been constructed around male-dominated beliefs, behaviours and tendencies. It’s imperative that women have a voice at all levels of society and business to facilitate equal opportunities and ensure there are female role models for the younger generation. We believe that women collaborating together in business are working towards fixing this imbalance. Additionally, we have found that women in business add layers of empathy, emotional intelligence, kindness and love which helps businesses be used as vessels for the greater good.”