Increase Your Conversion Rates Through Email Marketing

Email marketing

Boosting your conversion rates is essential for the success of your business and is even more vital for small and medium enterprises as you grow your audience.

Consumers in both B2C and B2B markets have moved increasingly online in the last 18 months. This heightened visibility on digital services has given rise to email marketing once more.

Whether it’s more people reading newsletters than ever before or targeted email campaigns that help to build brand loyalty, dedicated email marketing can help increase your conversion rates in many ways.

Luckily, email marketing automation services and software are making it easier for small and medium enterprises to do email marketing well.

We take a look at why you should be doing email marketing and some top tips to increase your conversions.


Why you should be doing email marketing?

It can be easy for small and medium enterprises to dismiss email marketing as unnecessary. Especially if you are the kind of person who usually puts email newsletters and announcements in the trash.

However, targeting email marketing towards those who are engaged with your business can be highly beneficial. A relevant and appropriate email marketing campaign can build your business’ reputation and authority within your industry.  


What are the benefits of email marketing?

There are several benefits to having an email marketing strategy for your small or medium enterprise.

Firstly, email marketing is extremely cost-effective and can cost significantly less per conversion than other marketing channels. Email marketing also helps you reach an already engaged audience with targeted messaging.

Email campaigns are very easy to set up, share with your audience, measure results while giving you the ability to reach a global consumer base with ease.


Email marketing tips

If you run a small or medium enterprise and want to optimise your email marketing game, consider the following tips to increase your conversions.


Abandoned cart reminders

We’re all guilty of adding everything we want to our online shopping carts and then leaving the website for one reason or another.

Sending an email prompt as part of your automated email marketing can improve your brand’s conversion rates. However, this does involve capturing a user’s email while they are shopping on your company site, but this is relatively easy to do as users shop online.


Getting the subject right

A good subject line is the difference between someone opening your email and not. Care and consideration should be given to developing the right subject lines for emails.

A/B testing is a great way to monitor the performance of different email subject lines. However, A/B testing can take time and resource which an email marketing automation agency or platform can help alleviate.


Make it personal

Personalisation of email marketing is very simple when you are using email marketing automation software. When a user signs up to your mailing list or subscribes for a discount, you can capture their details and personalise each email to them. This personalisation can improve conversions by making users feel valued by your brand.

However, you choose to do your email marketing, automating your email flows at every step of your user’s journey is essential for increasing your conversions and your brand’s ongoing success.

Akeela Zahair