Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

59 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 a straightforward TM solution, Road Traffic Solutions works to ensure its customers have precisely what they need for complete ease and control over their situation. This is a crucial thing to get right, as a large part of its work supports the nation’s core infrastructure, including highways, railways, broadband, water, electricity, and gas. As such, it maintains a ‘right first time’ attitude to the delivery of its top-quality service and ensures it has an excellent two-way stream of communication between itself and its clients. Road Traffic Solutions has grown through working with an ever-improving and innovative customer experience and service delivery model, adding new services and utilising technology to improve Nearly two decades after its founding, it remains the leading light in Britain’s Traffic Management & Event Management industry; Road Traffic Solutions is an organisation sitting at the forefront of innovation and application of traffic management services, lighting up a path to support companies across the nation. Whether you need traffic lights and cones, or a fully marshalled set-up, Road Traffic Solutions provides expert and reliable Traffic Management services for added value to clients and the public. Established in 2004, it has grown into a market-leading organisation providing UK-wide traffic management services from an initial team of five people. It now works with a range of businesses, from large multinational corporations to smaller owneroperated companies and provides the same high standard of service whatever the job. It believes in delivering honest, transparent services that are reasonably priced and executed that demonstrate the team’s passion for the profession. Traffic Management isn’t the flashiest profession, but Road Traffic Solutions cares about getting it right. Using unique, proprietary software, it offers a full end-to-end Traffic Management service across the UK, covering all aspects of traffic & event management. Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its Reliable, Efficient, Professional Service (REPS) is an entirely transparent service that customers have a login to ensure 24/7 oversight. Additionally, the company boasts more than 20,000 traffic cones, 16,000 traffic signs, 6,000 metres of chapter 8 barrier, 260 sets of portable traffic lights in the fleet and 50 mobile light towers. Its preparation for any job makes it stand out from its competitors and it is continually finessing its job preparation processes to add value for all its clients. Road Traffic’s sales team expertly ensures they plan the best possible solutions for its customers and works effectively with the planning and drawing teams to deliver practical, competitively priced traffic management solutions. Whether its customers are undertaking complex industrial works, need to hire portable traffic lights for events traffic management or are looking for Leading Traffic Management Business of the Year – Lincolnshire Jul22237 communication and integration. Its clients experience a highly rated, high-quality service that organisations across the UK are pleased to avail themselves of. Another thing it has established is how it utilises the unique benefits of being based in the Midlands. Predominantly, it benefits from being located in an area where it can draw on a wide range of skills, from operatives on the tools through planning and CAD drawing, sales, finance and administration. Over 40% of its colleagues joined the business as apprentices (even its Chairman Ben joined the company as an apprentice, with hands-on experience in every business area), and it appreciates the expertise that colleagues have gained working across diverse company areas. Once in the business, a comprehensive training matrix takes anyone from the start to be fully qualified. Meaning that, when recruiting, it primarily looks for candidates with a positive attitude. It searches for those who can also anticipate the ramifications of their decisions and keep an eye out for the future. Road Traffic Solutions’ future includes offering its services to an increasing number of mass participation events, similar to how it was contracted for the Commonwealth Games. Additionally, over the last two years, it has sought investment and innovation opportunities to benefit the organisation and its clients. With this in mind, it invested in 38 sets of AutoGreen Hollco portable traffic signals in 2020, utilising their 24% improvement to traffic management in the name of its client’s interests. It is continually looking for new opportunities and strategies to optimise its services – a shining example of why it has won the prestigious title of Leading Traffic Management Business of the Year. Contact: Nick Thompson Company: Road Traffic Solutions Ltd Web Address: www.roadtrafficsolutions.com