Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

29 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20513 Leading Innovators in Maternity Clothing 2020 For those who are just about to have a baby, life can be stressful. There are so many concerns, and an increasing belly means that clothing often fails to fit. Finding a solution was first and foremost in Kate’s mind when she was having her own little one. It seemed an obvious solution to her that someone would have developed an item that could expand a jacket or coat, but no one had. When the baby arrived, life was as hectic as before, but the same problems of coats that were temporarily too small persisted. Even taking the baby out for a walk was hassle that involved getting them into a coat, then into the wrap carrier, before finally putting on your own coat is time consuming. The sleeping baby would then have to be subjected to the whole process in reverse to take off their coat on arrival. The idea of extending her own jacket came back to her, and working with her mother, turned out a panel of waterproof soft-shell that she could zip straight into her own jacket. It was rough and ready, but it served the purpose perfectly, gaining the interest of other parents she encountered. As interest mounted, so too did her determination to bring a product that was desperately needed to the market. Zip Us In grew incredibly quickly. With twelve years of experience running her own marketing agency, it didn’t take long for Kate’s impressive product to gain traction of its own. The brand has quickly become a popular resource amongst parents, saving them a great deal of money and time when babywearing. Of course, the firm’s success cannot be understated. In just six years, Kate has seen her company grow from a one-off item for personal use through to selling Zip Us In products in 32 countries. Her innovative approach has received universal praise from mums and dads everywhere, with the results showing by the Good maternity outerwear is incredibly hard to find, and what there is can be very expensive. For an item that will only be worn for a few months, there must be a better way. When faced with this challenge, Kate Bell was determined to find a solution. Zip Us In was the result. Leading the way for mothers everywhere, we take a closer look at the business she began and has achieved such enviable levels of success. brand’s popularity on the high street. Go Outdoors, Boots, small independent retailers, online shops and Amazon all stock her products. Of course, the firm has not stayed still since its initial success. All companies thrive on continual growth and innovation. As such, the launch of the Universal Panel has been a major boon to the firm. This patent pending product that features a unique fixing to attach an expander panel to ANY zipper. The potential of such a creation for the market has yet to be tapped, but we’re sure Kate and her team will utilise it to the fullest. For most people, having a baby is a sign to slow down and consider. For Kate Bell, it sparked an idea that has helped parents around the world. With a unique appeal, it’s clear that Zip Us In is a business that’s sure to carry on flourishing for years to come. Contact: Kate Bell Web Address: The potential of such a creation for the market has yet to be tapped, but we’re sure Kate and her team will utilise it to the fullest.