Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

30 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Best Engine Detox Cleaning Services 2020 - Kent The automotive industry is one that has evolved drastically over time, from the introduction of engines into daily life and work, to the development of petrol engines over diesel, to the eventual evolution of electrical potential. In 2013, EDT Automotive Ltd was founded to provide unique and award-winning engine detox machines into the automotive industry, and has consistently done so at an exceptionally high standard. We find out more following the firm’s win in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 from SME News. Founded seven years ago, EDT Automotive has been resolutely focused on its sole goal and mission: to provide outstanding Engine Detox Machines to those companies working within the automotive industry. Engines of any kind have been used to power industry since the Industrial Revolution, and earlier even than that. Over time, engines can become tired and clogged with all manner of disgusting materials that can prevent them from reaching their maximum potential. The Engine Detox Machines that are provided by EDT Automotive are able to benefit both the industry as a whole, and the end user in the whole cycle. Along the way, the machines reduce emissions from powerful engines, as well as save fuel, enhance engine performance, and keep workplaces tidier and cleaner, regardless of whether or not they are petrol or diesel engines. Although the firm is based in Kent, EDT Automotive has machines all over the United Kingdom as part of its national network of excellence. Having been reviewed online numerous times on renowned review website, Trustpilot, EDT Automotive has also maintained an exceptionally high rating of 4.9 out of five, with many citing the firm’s ability to provide a personal and niche service to all customers. All of the machines that EDT Automotive provide to customers are done so in a pay-as-you-use basis, so that they customers themselves have no capital outlay to proceed with the product. In terms of what stands EDT Automotive out from the competition, it comes down to the fact that the firm is the only one in the United Kingdom that cleans engines via the oil system. COVID-19 may have interrupted many businesses daily working cycles, but that does not mean that industry trends have stopped becoming more and more prevalent. EDT Automotive has had to keep an eye on Aug20430 all its various trends that have come out in the last few years, months, and weeks. As such, it has become fully aware of the fact that during the current economic climate, car owners are retaining their cars for longer. Where this benefits EDT Automotive and its clients is that the system provided by the firm include a preventative procedure that prolongs engine life, and thereby allows car owners to hold on to their vehicles for longer periods of time between decided to get a new one. As EDT Automotive heads into its seventh year of trading, the horizon brings with it a great many new things to be excited for. Clean energy is rapidly becoming a point of great importance for many businesses in the face of climate change and looming deadlines for reaching net zero carbon emissions. Just recently however, as a way of doing its bit to help in the fight against COVID-19, EDT Automotive have launched a new product that tackles the virus in vehicles and other confined spaces. Though not much can be said about the product at this early stage, it has been proven to be highly effective and is definitely something that the industry will no doubt keep a trained eye on. EDT Automotive was also awarded the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice in 2015, and was short-listed as a finalist for Best Innovation Company in Ashford. With another seven years of success surely ahead, now is the time for EDT Automotive to really push on for bigger and better things. Engines continue to power industries, but as cleaner goals become more important than ever, so too does the fleet of Engine Detox Machines that EDT Automotive provide. Ultimately, this is a sterling firm whose every past, present, and future success is fully deserved. Contact: David Holmes Website: With another seven years of success surely ahead, now is the time for EDT Automotive to really push on for bigger and better things.