Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

31 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 a solution for those who want to use a smaller, local independent company. Of course, the commitment to customer service is what has brought people to the firm and the resultant success has encouraged the team to increase the different areas they serve. As the firm continues to operate deeper into the Cotswolds and beyond, Sheila’s Shutters is sure to see considerable success for the foreseeable future. Contact: Jason Potter Web Address: Aug20538 Best Specialty Window Shutters Supplier 2020 – Gloucestershire & Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence 2020 After seventeen years in the interiors industry, the decision to focus in on shutters came quite naturally to Jason Potter. He knew the market, he knew the people and he knew there was a need. He wanted to create a business that could combine the high quality that customers have come to expect with the customer care that is only possible through a smaller, independent provider. Only focusing on one product, window shutters, has allowed Sheila’s Shutters to offer a truly exceptional service and a better solution than the competition. For people who live the length and breadth of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, the Sheila’s Shutters team are the first port of call. Their focus means that not only can they provide an exceptional service, but they can generate creative solutions that meet the specific requirements of the client. A talented team of carpenters and joiners form the heart of the business, working to 2mm tolerances on every project. This ensures that what a customer receives is the highest quality installation, to a standard that is well above the industry norm. With more people starting to use shutters in their everyday lives, there has been an increase in competition. What sets Sheila’s Shutters apart is their ability to deliver quality of such an impressive standard, due in no small part to the team that Mr Potter has assembled. Many of the properties in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds have styles that lend themselves easily to the incorporation of window shutters. Mr Potter’s expertise in the interior design market means that he can help people to find a shutter design that suits their intentions. Many people have found that their property value has gone up thanks in no small part to the fitting of window shutters in bay windows and large sash windows. The team don’t sell in their clients’ homes, instead coming equipped with a full set of Plantation Shutters as a window dressing is a rapidly growing industry, with more and more people coming to see the benefits that shutters bring not only to the home, but to businesses too. The team behind Sheila’s Shutters were brought together to fill this need in the market, delivering high quality in every respect. In this special issue of SME News, we look at how the team achieved such success in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020. samples. Every member of the team has the ability to explain clearly to the customer how the shutters work and what options are available for their window or patio door. Meeting these unique situations is why people continue to turn to this firm for their shutter needs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, every industry was impacted in some way, shape or form. The shutters industry has been no exception, with many businesses unable to get access to their shutter supply chain. Because Sheila’s Shutters uses one of the largest shutter manufacturers, S-craft, which does not rely on an upward supply chain, the team have seen very little disruption to their delivery. The shutters industry has become overwhelmed by larger providers, so what Sheila’s Shutters offers is Sheila’s Shutters Ltd