Q2 2019

SME news Q2 2019 cover

Welcome to the Q2 edition of SME News Magazine your source for the latest news, announcements and features about up-and-coming enterprises across the UK.

You might have noticed that SME News has a new and improved look. Like many of our inclusions, we realise that, sometimes, it pays to drop the old in favour of the fresh, offering an injection of vitality when you need it most.  After all, a new image, a rebrand, can be that crucial element to unlocking further growth: entering a different market segment, revitalising social media engagement or attracting more customer footfall. Whatever your industry, a strong brand is utterly essential.

Original Nutter Design, for example, have built their reputation on designing visually engaging logos and promotional materials for businesses. We spoke to Owner and Designer, Bo Beaumont to find out more about the importance of good branding, and how his company are helping to drive the future success of SMEs across the UK.

On the other side of the fence is Gemma Angharad. As an expert in marketing for SMEs, she has become a not-so secret weapon for companies that want to improve across the board. In her own words: “I can stop you wasting pennies on marketing that can be better spent elsewhere on things that actually make you more profitable”. We picked her brains to find out more.

Here at SME News, we truly hope that you enjoy reading this issue, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Emma Hunt

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