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Posted 16th August 2023

Six Ways You Can Find a Company Building Software for Startups

Article written by Valentin Kuzmenko, Chief Commercial Officer/ VP of Sales at Andersen Startups are ambitious and young endeavors that aim high and strive for ultimate success. However, statistics show that a significant 20% of these ventures don’t progress beyond their first year. Regardless of determination and enthusiasm, many challenges remain, requiring the right people at […]

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six ways you can find a company building software for startups.

Six Ways You Can Find a Company Building Software for Startups

Article written by Valentin Kuzmenko, Chief Commercial Officer/ VP of Sales at Andersen

Startups are ambitious and young endeavors that aim high and strive for ultimate success. However, statistics show that a significant 20% of these ventures don’t progress beyond their first year. Regardless of determination and enthusiasm, many challenges remain, requiring the right people at the right time to address them. While financial constraints can contribute to failure, as a startup founder, you should also prioritize another crucial aspect – the personnel and software developers you bring on board to create your applications. In today’s world, where software solutions are indispensable for success, creating a reliable digital product is essential to attract more clients.

This underscores the importance of finding capable and reliable IT professionals who can shape your vision and craft a robust product. The demand for them remains robust, though the competitive landscape is intense. All this makes recruiting and securing software talent a formidable test.

Benefits you get when partnering with an experienced IT provider

First, let’s touch upon the benefits you get when partnering with a company building software for startups. Collaborating with top-notch developers opens doors to a range of advantages. 

  • Enhanced customer involvement

Experienced software developers will help you build your clientele, connect with customers, and expand your audience. By analyzing user feedback and using innovative tools, you can fine-tune your products to meet genuine customer needs.

  • Efficient growth

The complexities of growth become manageable with expert guidance. Top-notch developers provide insights and resources that enhance performance, even in resource-limited situations. They will always help you if your solution needs maintenance and support. 

  • Adaptive change accommodation

Your company will benefit from innovative technologies and tools. Professionals who have substantial achievements in building IT solutions facilitate seamless adaptation to changing product and management requirements. 

  • In-depth expertise

Access to industry knowledge is essential but if you are not tech-savvy, you’ll need help. Professionals working in the IT sector will offer you valuable insights and tailored solutions, ensuring operational success.

Six essential ways of achieving success

Now, with all the benefits in mind, let’s see what steps you should take to succeed. 

Gaining Clarity on Your Needs

Before delving into the quest for suitable developers, you must clearly define your requirements. This not only sets the trajectory for your search but also increases the chances of discovering the ideal match. 

The first step involves selecting the type of developer that matches your project. Do you need someone skilled in creating the visual part (front-end), someone who’s good at making things work behind the scenes (back-end), or maybe someone who’s skilled in both (full-stack)? Do you need individuals or want to hire a team of experts? Clearly defining all these points helps you find the right company and make sure its specialists fit well with your project.

What’s more, you should identify the specific skills and knowledge you want from your partner. Do you need developers who know a certain programming language or framework? Does your project require expertise in new technologies or connecting with specific platforms? By clarifying these needs, you can easily find specialists who have the exact skills your project needs.

The kind of solution you want to get affects the best choice. Is it a new mobile app, a strong web platform, or a comprehensive digital product? Knowing all relevant details will help you find professionals familiar with your project type and its specific requirements.

Understanding the full scope and goals of your project helps you talk clearly with potential partners. What are your small goals and big aims? How do you picture things like user experience, growth, development, and future improvements? Knowing these aspects is of great importance.

Real-world factors, such as your budget and project timeline, are also significant. How much funding is available for hiring developers? — Experts recommend allocating 20-30% of the total funding toward securing technical expertise. Do you have a specific launch or update deadline for your product? — Defining precise requirements facilitates smoother operations. Clarity helps in finding specialists who align with your financial and temporal constraints.

Exploring referrals and recommendations

This approach stands out as one of the initial considerations. With insights from those who’ve traveled a similar path, you gain valuable guidance. Referrals and recommendations from successful business partners can be priceless. Entrepreneurs typically possess an extensive network of colleagues, friends, mentors, and fellow young companies, offering access to a wealth of insights.

Expand your horizons and actively engage with the network you’ve cultivated. Broaden your reach and engage with those who have similar aspirations. Connect with those who’ve experienced the challenges of launching their own business and reached success. Their experiences can help you sidestep common pitfalls and guide you toward dependable companies delivering startup software. Personal connections, built on trust, often lead to recommendations that come with a track record of success. 

Recommendations direct you to trustworthy partners who offer software development for startups. They have already shown their capabilities and created efficient solutions. But the value isn’t just in the products they offer but also in the relationships they’ve nurtured.

Another noteworthy source of information comes from such ranking platforms as Clutch, GoodFirms, Sortlist, and others. They offer comprehensive rankings of IT companies across various categories, continuously updating their listings. What’s more, you can find genuine user reviews there, which makes the process of selecting a reliable software company for startups simple. 

Exploring online platforms and freelance marketplaces

Entrepreneurs in search of suitable developers can benefit from various online platforms. The array of options available is impressive. For instance, Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal have transformed into well-recognized hubs for connecting with both freelance developers and companies offering software development for startups. Within these virtual marketplaces, a diverse range of talents, spanning various skills and areas of expertise, is easily accessible.

Consider it as taking a stroll through a digital marketplace of skills. You’re free to browse profiles, explore success stories, and evaluate ratings as you search for the right match. You can carefully adjust selection criteria to align with your firm’s precise needs.

However, you should know the following: while these platforms are practical, they might not perform as well as other methods like outsourcing, especially when seeking long-term team members or specialized skills. For emerging businesses with tight budgets or those dealing with short-term projects, these platforms hold particular value. They’re a suitable choice if you need to quickly find freelancers or remote developers to deliver a timely solution. But for more intricate or extended requirements, consider alternative paths that better match your company’s unique trajectory.

Attending tech conferences and events

Diving into tech conferences, hackathons, and tech meetups can significantly enhance your hunt for developers and companies delivering startup software. These professional meetings provide not only networking opportunities but also a chance to find partners who align with your goals.

It’s like stepping into a world full of boldest ideas and valuable connections. Among industry professionals, you can create bonds and discussions that lead to fruitful collaborations. The valuable interactions here can bridge gaps, lay the foundation for partnerships, and even spark innovations that resonate with your startup’s mission.

By taking part in these events, you’re immersing your business in the current tech landscape. You may listen to professionals sharing insights about the latest IT trends and technologies, which will help you make smart decisions and develop future strategies. And the most important thing: here, you can find the right IT partners for your startup.

For instance, Andersen, now a prominent European IT provider, adopted this strategy from its inception and has been following it consistently. The company’s professionals are frequent participants in leading tech events and conferences. In 2023, they have already taken part in FinTech Week London, European Women in Tech, Digital Transformation Week, and other significant events. Their active involvement showcases their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Your business can benefit from following Andersen’s example. Engaging with leading IT professionals in person could introduce you to a wealth of experience and expertise.

This path is particularly promising if you want to build a local developer network or stay updated on the latest trends. For companies eager to tap into tech expertise, these events offer a thriving hub. Whether you’re connecting with potential partners, learning about the latest tech advancements, or just being part of the innovation scene, these events open doors to immense opportunities for collaboration.

Exploring tech communities and forums

IT communities and forums are invaluable for those looking for top-tier experts and IT providers. Online spaces like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Reddit offer opportunities that can bring your business tangible benefits.

Being part of them means diving into a wealth of knowledge and expertise. By joining discussions, sharing development insights, and asking for advice, you can catch the eye of potential partners. When you post your project needs and ask for suggestions, you attract the attention of interested developers.

These venues are digital meeting spots where enthusiasts gather to exchange ideas. Your presence here not only shows what you need but also connects you with a network of people eager to collaborate. By building connections and showing your goals, you can attract developers who share your ideas and can implement your vision into reality.

This route works well for those seeking genuine partnerships based on shared interests. The connections you make can go beyond just business. If you are open to contributing, seeking guidance, and building relationships, tech communities and forums offer a fertile ground to find partners that share the same values and strive to achieve similar goals.

Using incubators and accelerators

Incubators and accelerators will offer you more than just physical space. These programs are vital bridges between fledgling companies and a pool of pre-vetted service providers, including proficient partners offering software development for startups. If you use these platforms, you will significantly streamline the process of finding a perfect IT agency that can meet all your requirements.

Incubators and accelerators carefully select a diverse range of startups, each with unique visions and requirements. This curation extends to their network of service providers, ensuring a roster of competent partners. Through a rigorous selection process, these programs foster a community of top-tier experts, sharing their technical prowess to drive innovation.

Navigating the intricate landscape of software development can be overwhelming for those starting their business. Incubators and accelerators offer a solution through their robust networks, encompassing established companies building software for startups with proven track records. This expansive reach means that young firms can swiftly connect with development teams possessing the relevant skill sets.

These programs consider a firm’s specific needs and pair it with compatible development partners. This tailored approach minimizes the risk of mismatched collaborations and maximizes the likelihood of forging successful, productive relationships. You can leverage these customized matches to reach your goals.

Collaborating with a software company for startups recommended by a renowned incubator or accelerator provides an instant credibility boost. Investors, stakeholders, and potential clients are more likely to have confidence in a startup’s capabilities when supported by an institution known for nurturing high-potential ventures. This enhanced credibility can open doors to funding, partnerships, and market opportunities.

Incubators and accelerators will offer you more than just connections; they provide comprehensive support ecosystems. Beyond linking startups with IT partners, these programs offer mentorship, resources, workshops, and guidance on refining technical requirements. This holistic approach ensures you are well-equipped for successful collaborations with experienced development teams.


As your business ventures into the tech world, finding the right IT partner becomes vital. With referrals, online platforms, conferences, meetups, networks, and accelerators, you get tools to discover the perfect fit for your startup software development company. Keep in mind, this partnership isn’t just about coding; it’s about turning your vision into reality. With these options in hand, your journey toward innovation and success gains momentum. Step by step, you’re shaping your digital future, fueled by the blend of creativity and technology. 

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