Top Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Law Firms

Marketing tips

One of the costliest industries to advertise for online happens to be for those in the legal profession. It was estimated in the US that 19 of the top 25 most expensive keywords are related to the personal injury sector of law. For instance, every search for ‘best mesothelioma lawyer’ could cost a firm $935.71. So, it’s important to apply as many marketing tools as possible to ensure that the budget isn’t eaten up by ads on Google. What tips should small businesses in personal injury law look to implement to diversify their marketing activities?


Bid on Brand Name with PPC

For those delving into the world of PPC, there can be a whole host of considerations to make. One of the best pieces of advice for personal injury lawyers is to bid on your own brand name. While you may be showing in organic search anyway, it’s important that you control the message that comes up in the ads when your brand name might occur. You don’t want a search to be hijacked by someone clicking through to your competitor and seeing their messaging rather than your own.

Some argue that the benefits of bidding on your brand name outweigh the drawbacks. Indeed, you can control which page interested searchers click through to. You can also max out your brand exposure – the entire visible section of the search engine could be different links back to pages of your site. This could cement a consumer’s decision. The control aspect is the most enduring for marketers, especially when the industry could be open to misinformation. Experts behind this strategy suggest not striving for 100% impression share though – it could be unachievable and costly.


Focus on Your Speciality

While personal injury law is a sub-sector of law itself, there are many offshoots of personal injury law. Some firms specialise in road traffic accidents, while others can navigate the complex world of public accident personal injury claims. By ensuring to potential clients that they have a focused speciality, firms and practitioners are more likely to reassure clients they are in the right hands.

McGinley Solicitors, for example, as well as working in the area of general personal injury, show their experience to those seeking to make a medical negligence claim. They specialise in medical malpractice and ensure that potential claimants are aware of this – so they can aim to choose a specialist rather than a generalist. Within their specialism, they go further into detail about specific aspects of medical negligence from cosmetic surgery claims to cancer misdiagnosis. This may encourage those who have a very specific issue that there is someone who has previous experience in this issue. 

There are an armada of tips to help small and medium-sized personal injury law firms market themselves better. Some tips focus on how the firms are attracting clients – such as through targeted pay-per-click. Others focus on what potential clients are being directed towards – which could include making it clear you specialise in one area and are therefore an expert. Both tips can help potential clients find a personal injury firm who would be best placed to help them.

Akeela Zahair