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Posted 14th July 2023

Why Prioritising Your Wellbeing is Good for Business

When work never seems to end and pressures build from every side, your own wellbeing is usually first to be sacrificed. But exhaust yourself for the sake of your business, and you put everything you've built in danger. Entrepreneurs who last the distance know they must maintain their energy, passion and motivation to stay the course. Neglecting their wellbeing is simply not an option.

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why prioritising your wellbeing is good for business.

Why Prioritising Your Wellbeing is Good for Business

When work never seems to end and pressures build from every side, your own wellbeing is usually first to be sacrificed. But exhaust yourself for the sake of your business, and you put everything you’ve built in danger. Entrepreneurs who last the distance know they must maintain their energy, passion and motivation to stay the course. Neglecting their wellbeing is simply not an option.

Your business depends on you. It relies on your vision, leadership, and good decision making to thrive. When you are burned out, stressed and unhealthy, your company suffers right along with you. Prioritising your own health and work-life balance isn’t selfish – it is strategic leadership.

So make the time to recharge. Do something each day that energises you – exercise, read, meditate or pursue a hobby. Your leadership role necessitates the development of a thriving, motivated company culture, which starts from within. Self-care isn’t selfish – it’s good business.

Why taking care of yourself takes care of your business

Think of yourself as the engine that powers your organisation. If that engine isn’t properly maintained, it will sputter, stall and ultimately break down. On the other hand, when your engine is fueled with sleep, exercise and downtime, it runs on all cylinders and takes your business to new heights.

As a leader, the example you set through your own self-care and wellbeing inspires your team to do the same. The culture of health, balance and positivity that you cultivate is reflected in motivated, committed employees and stronger professional relationships. Similarly, your business becomes a place where creativity, excellence and prosperity can take shape.

Take time for yourself to recharge

According to an interview with Annastiina Hintsa, the CEO of Hintsa Performance, “well-being is the foundation of sustainable high performance – not a reward for it.” As a business leader, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by endless tasks and responsibilities. However, it is important to schedule in time for yourself to recharge to avoid burnout.

Take a moment each day to recharge by doing something you’re passionate about – dive into a page-turning book, go for an invigorating run or indulge your favourite passion project. Those moments that ignite your motivation and spark your creativity will drive you further, recharging your batteries and reminding you why you started this journey in the first place.

When you make your own wellbeing a priority, your work will reap the benefits. With a thriving, balanced leader at the helm, your business has the world at its feet, your team and business partnerships will also benefit from your renewed motivation and optimism.

Prioritise your physical and mental health

Your physical and mental health directly impact your productivity, judgement and relationships. Make sure to prioritise sleep, diet and exercise. Strive for 7-8 rejuvenating hours of sleep every night. Nourish yourself with wholesome, energising foods and make time for heart-pumping activity a few times a week.

When you take good care of yourself physically, you’ll feel equipped to conquer any challenge.

Don’t neglect your mental health either. Unwind and unplug from the demands of business whenever you can. Do something each day that inspires or fulfils you. Practice self-care techniques like meditation, yoga or join a fitness club. Your company will gain from your sharper thinking and healthier responses to challenges.

Boost your creativity

Taking breaks to recharge activates your brain’s creative circuits and when you return to work, you may gain fresh insights and new ideas. Engaging in an activity like exercise also increases blood flow to your brain, which can spark new neural connections. Those new ideas and innovations will help drive business growth.

Increase your motivation and resilience

Looking after yourself will increase your motivation, determination and ability to overcome obstacles. When you make your health and wellbeing a priority, optimism and determination thrive within you. Your body energised and your mind clear, positivity can guide you to growth and opportunity at every turn.

You will feel better equipped to push through challenges and setbacks. Your increased energy and stamina will also make you a more motivated leader. Inspire your team by setting a good example through your own self-care.

Improve your focus and concentration

Exercise and adequate rest improve your focus and concentration as your brain functions better when your body is in good shape. Even light activity like walking can pump up your heart rate and increase blood flow to your brain. Well-rested and recharged, you will be able to invest more focused attention in important work tasks, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

Enhance work-life balance

Making time for self-care helps establish boundaries and a healthier work-life balance. You will be less likely to become overly stressed or burned out from work, while achieving greater balance and satisfaction in your life will make you a happier, wiser leader. Your team and relationships will benefit from your balanced and composed example.

As a leader, your self-care and work-life balance sets an example for your employees. When you make your own wellbeing a priority, your team will follow suit and become more motivated, creative and committed. Your team will be healthier, happier and more productive, which benefits your business.

Better handle stress

Exercise and relaxation lower your stress levels and blood pressure. You will stay calmer in high-pressure situations and have healthier responses to stressful events. Your business will benefit from your balanced, composed leadership during difficult times.

Your team will also learn positive ways of coping with stress from your example. When you are in good physical and mental shape, your cognitive abilities and judgement are sharper. You will make better decisions, and thoughtful, well-reasoned decisions will help drive business success.

Build stronger relationships

When you set aside time for hobbies, socialising and leisure, you nurture relationships with friends and family. Strong personal relationships create stability and support, which translates to your professional relationships and business partnerships. Solid relationships built on trust and work-life balance will strengthen collaboration and lead to greater prosperity.

As a leader, your health and wellbeing dictate the tone of your business. Make self-care a priority, and your motivation, creativity and productivity will thrive. Your employees and partners will follow your example, driving success through collaboration and work-life balance. Take good care of yourself – your business health depends on it. When you recharge, renew and re-energise, you enhance your capacity to propel your organisation to greater heights.

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