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Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters,
1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE14 1LS

Winner of the Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Dans Le Noir ? Ltd

Dans Le Noir ? Ltd is one of the 2022 winners of the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards.

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About Dans Le Noir ? Ltd

Most Unique Dining Experience 2022

<p>Dans le Noir ? (French for ”in the dark”) is a unique sensory, social and human experience. This successful international project was born in France in 2004 and is now in 7 countries and 11 cities. Guests enjoy a surprise menu in complete darkness, served and guided by a team of visually impaired guides. Food is revealed only at the end of the experience! More than a restaurant, Dans le Noir ? is a powerful, gourmet, and meaningful experience &#8211; already tried by 2 million people worldwide.</p>
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