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Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters,
1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE14 1LS

Winner of the Midlands Enterprise Awards.

Saltway Communications

Saltway Communications is one of the 2023 winners of the SME Midlands Enterprise Awards.

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About Saltway Communications

Best Social Media Marketing Agency 2023

<p>As an Award-winning independent marketing communications company, Saltway Communications has been created to assist small and medium size businesses gain a foot-hold in an increasingly competitive world.</p> <p>With more than 30 years devising, developing and deploying successful marketing and business development strategies, Saltway Communications offers a wide range of services formulated specifically to help grow forward thinking and progressive companies into EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL forward thinking and progressive companies.<br /> Specialising in supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) sectors such as Technology, Light and Industrial Engineering, Electronics, IT, Networking and Telecoms and the Automotive sector, Saltway Communications is the partner of choice when outsourcing your marketing activities.</p>
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