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  • Risk Software Success!

    Risk Software Success!0

    As the world becomes more dependent on regulatory scrutiny, compliance has become more of a challenge for businesses. The team at Albany Group have found a way forward, with a transformational software application that brings 21st Century technology and expertise to the critical functions of insurer supply chain management. We look at how they were awarded Best for Risk and Intelligence Software, 2021 – England in SME News’ rolling series of Business Elite awards for their efforts.

  • Taking Tech Marketing by Storm

    Taking Tech Marketing by Storm0

    Being crowned the Best in Technology Marketing, 2021, is not an easy thing to achieve, but that is exactly what the team at Bite IT Marketing have done for themselves. They understand that marketing does not need to be overly complicated. Discover more about the firm as we take a closer look in this issue of SME News Magazine.

  • Fantastic Flowers Bloom in the Capital

    Fantastic Flowers Bloom in the Capital0

    Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of flowers, in all their radiant wonder. At the right time of year, flowers are truly stunning additions to almost any interior or exterior space. A garden can come to life with bursts of colour, or carefully placed greenery, whilst a living room can be made that much more luxurious with a glass vase and a collection of roses sat on the coffee table. Flowers are majestic, and the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy them is the core philosophy at Blue Florist. Discover more about this Greater London-based florist, and why it has been named Best for Same Day Flower Delivery, 2020 – Greater London.

  • High-Ranking Solutions

    High-Ranking Solutions0

    SciChart Ltd designs, develops and sells the world’s fastest, most flexible, cross-platform 2D/3D Chart components as a software development kit. Recently, we caught up with Andrew Burnett-Thompson who enlightened us about the firm, its mission and offerings.