Welcome to the 2021 Q4 edition of SME News Magazine, where we provide you with all of the latest news, announcements, and features about some of the best up-and-coming enterprises around the United Kingdom.

None of us could have predicted what was going to happen this year. When the pandemic hit the world, it hit us hard. But now we are armed with a set of tools and experience that will ultimately shape the future.

Here we wish to celebrate some British business successes, as well as numerous stories of enterprises overcoming difficulty and harsh conditions. We find inspiration through their stories and would like for you to share these moments with us as you peruse this new issue.

2021 has been a year full of challenges, hardships, and set-backs, but all is not lost! We can see that a huge portion of businesses have been re-building after an incredibly turbulent time. These businesses have flourished tremendously and have even been helping others to succeed.

Our featured business, Actionplus Foundation, is altering the way we see HIV and progressive wellness in a world of intelligent health solutions. We find out more about its deeply knowledgeable, high-quality work leading up to and following on from its prestigious accolade of Most Dedicated HIV Health & Wellness Organisation 2021.

As we head towards such a magical time of year, we hope that you stay safe and well. We look forward to welcoming you back for an exciting, healthy, and prosperous Q1 of 2022.