Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2022

2 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 About the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 SME News is proud to host the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 once again for its fifth instalment. This awards programme aims to reward a vastly diverse range of hardworking firms based within Scotland! Businesses across Scotland are showing strong signs of recovery from the widespread disruption made prevalent by the inconsistent, stop-start lockdowns caused by COVID. Whilst the cost of living and inflation is expected to keep increasing throughout 2022, the Scottish economy and GDP has shown sharp signs of recovery at the start of 2022 when compared with the rest of the UK. Business activity has been more resilient than in the UK, likely due to a later easing of lockdown restrictions. The latest Scottish forecasts for 2022/23 shows growth of 4% over 2022, which is comparable with the rest of the UK, and is thanks to the huge efforts of business owners and workers throughout the land. Scotland once again is a region abundant with successful and innovative businesses, which SME News aims to recognise, and spotlight the vastly diverse range of small and medium-sized businesses who continually demonstrate innovation and excellence in their chosen sector. Sif Brookes | Senior Editor

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 4. Smiley Stars Nursery: Excellence Award for Childcare & Early Learning Services 2022 6. Clean Solution Property Services Ltd: Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company 2022 8. Hobs Reprographics: Most Innovative UK-Wide Reprographics Company 2022 10. Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research: Best Family History Research Service 2022 12. Anstruther Fish Bar: Best Fish & Chip Shop 2022 14. The Howff Secret Supper Club: Best Fine Dining Experience - Dundee 15. West End Garden Centre: Garden Centre of the Year 2022 – Glasgow & Excellence Award for Garden Planning Advisory Services 2022 16. Aberdeen Diving Services: Best Diver Equipment & Training Specialist 2022 17. Cedar Developments Edinburgh: Property Renovators of the Year 2022 - Edinburgh 18. CC Supplies: Best Asset & Horsebox Broker 2022 19. Lefevres: Best Personal Injury Compensation & Civil Litigation Law Firm 2022 20. Home Pool Tables: Best Bespoke Pool & Snooker Table Company 2022 21. Horizons Residential Care Limited: Best Children’s Care Home 2022 22. Rycramweb Ltd: Best Content Management & Web Design Company 2022 23. 63rd+1st: Best New Cocktail Bar 2022 - Glasgow 24. CJ Carpet Binding: Leading Experts in Carpet & Rug Edging 2022 25. John McKay Jewellers: Bespoke Wedding Jewellers of the Year 2022 - Southern Scotland 26. Chilled Dawgz Dog Day Care & Pet Services: Small Dog Care Facility of the Year 2022 - Glasgow & Excellence Award for Raw Feeding Services 2022 27. Elmwood Projects Ltd: Best UK-Wide Museum & Heritage Fit-Out Specialists 2022 28. Jane Perfect Interiors Limited: Residential Interior Design Company of the Year 2022 – South East Scotland 29. Fetch My Feed: Local Pet Care Service of the Year 2022 - East Central Scotland

4 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Oct22087 Excellence Award for Childcare & Early Learning Services 2022 When searching for trustworthy and compassionate people to look after our children in the best possible way, it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose between all of the nurseries out there. If you’re based in Ibrox or Mansewood, Glasgow, look no further. Smiley Stars Nursery is here for our childcare needs from ages six months to five years. Here we learn more from Managing Director, Tamara Marashi, as it wins this sparkling award in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022. Searching for a safe place for our children to learn and grow, it can seem difficult to know what we are getting – and if we are giving them the support they require to develop in the most fulfilled way. We come across a plethora of nurseries all promising to best for our children however, with Smiley Stars Nursery we have the chance to either receive the best childcare or the greatest inspiration for the running of our own childcare business. Furthermore, Smiley Stars Nursery is more than just a nursery. Managing Director, Tamara Marashi, tells us, “We are a family that helps and supports our children and their families through their journey.” By offering a family environment, children can grow up with the nurturing qualities that they have at home. Love is at the core of Smiley Stars Nursery and understanding is the lifeblood that runs deep throughout the entire family. Tamara comments, “We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment where our children, families, and staff are happy to come to every day.” Its two nurseries – Ibrox and Mansewood – are both fully equipped with a close-knit family of staff who do everything they can to support the growth of the children they care for. When recruiting staff, Tamara says, “When recruiting a new talent, we look for someone who has passion to care for the children and who believes in the ethos of the nursery.” When it comes to Smiley Stars Nursery, its very essence is compassion and the ethical treatment of its staff, children, and their families. “We have an open door policy so that both staff and families feel happy to come and discuss anything they have on their minds,” Tamara proudly states. The very heart of Smiley Stars Nursery boasts a team of caregivers that truly care about the children and their families, alleviating any stresses or worries – day in and day out. Tamara and the team operate in line with all of the children’s needs, ensuring to take care of their wishes, requirements, and emotions. With a deep knowledge of the importance of independence, Tamara says, “We recognise that each child is an individual and is different, and we make sure that they are treated fairly and with respect. Smiley Stars Nursery aims to provide a safe and secure home away from home where our children are loved, cuddled, nurtured, and supported to grow into happy and successful individuals.” Being able to offer families the support they need, Tamara informs us, “The Scottish Government recognises the importance of early years childcare and is investing in that age group, so we have 1140 hours funded to help support children and their families.” By receiving this level of aid, families can have extra relief in every situation related to their childcare. By working with the government, Smiley Stars Nursery is more able to help those in need. Which means that childcare can be shared out between families regardless of their financial situations – guaranteeing the assistance they should receive when searching for a team to look after their growing children. Having support from as many prestigious and influential entities as possible means that Smiley Stars Nursery can provide everything that children and their families deserve. “From our experience, we have always worked closely with the care inspectorate and Glasgow City Council and they have always been there whenever we needed their support and guidance,” says Tamara. In partnership with Glasgow City Council, and registered with SCSWIS (Care Inspectorate), Smiley Stars Nursery is able to provide all of its unbeatable services to families that require help. Looking closely at Smiley Stars Nursery teaches us to live more compassionately, to support more, and to understand that children are the future of this planet. It is of utmost importance that we treat them with love and kindness, as well as giving them the freedom to express themselves, as we raise them together. Smiley Stars Nursery plans on expanding even further in the future, Tamara shares, “We are always looking to expand our business and always searching for the latest legislations and recommendations – and then implement them to best support the children.” Smiley Stars Nursery is doing well for itself, and it is set to develop even more over the coming years. For now, it has won an Excellence Award for Childcare & Early Learning Services, and it is sure to keep shining as it continues to pour its heart into providing perfect childcare services. Open 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday, it offers full days, morning or afternoon sessions and early starts before 8am if organised with management. As it is open for 51 weeks, including all bank holidays, Smiley Stars Nursery is definitely worth contacting if you need childcare. Contact: Tamara Marashi Company: Smiley Stars Nursery Web Address:

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 5 Excellence Award for Childcare & Early Learning Services 2022

6 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22405 Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company 2022 Clean Solution Property Services Ltd is a professional cleaning service that covers a huge portion of the UK. Not only does it leave each property positively glowing, but it leaves each and every customer feeling relieved and cared for. We look at its services and commitment to not only its customers, but the environment, as it wins this excellent accolade in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022. Clean Solution Property Services Ltd is a highly professional cleaning company that makes a difference to our lives every day. Providing high quality work, for pristine living and business conditions, Clean Solution doesn’t just offer clean living or working spaces, but it guarantees peace of mind for everyone from the Scottish boarders to Dundee. As a high-end property cleaning service provider, it leaves every job with a spotless and immaculate finish. Starting in 2019, after Joleen and Amy set up BTM Cleaning Services in East Lothian, which took off like a rocket, Clean Solution Property Services was then born from BTM’s rebranding. Serving companies such as Taylor Wimpy, Tesco, R3, and B&Q to name just a few, Clean Solution has made a name for itself in the industry. Its keen work ethics ensure each job is carried out perfectly from start to finish, so that its customers don’t have to worry about a thing. With a wonderful team of hard working individuals, Clean Solution provides a service that we will never forget. Its staff are fully trained in all areas of cleaning in line with health and safety requirements as well as Covid-19 restrictions such as social distancing and the use of PPE. Its team is made up of professional cleaners that go above and beyond for customers with both residential and commercial needs – so that they don’t have to worry about anything being unclean or in a state of disarray. Clean Solution’s very core revolves around passion and dedication to leaving each property knowing that it has done everything it can to provide a top-tier service. Leaving a “hotel finish” every time, Clean Solution transforms properties damaged by any number of situations. This gleaming reflection of the staff’s passion for hygiene and cleanliness shows us that we can rely on them for everything we need to keep our property looking and feeling incredible. For full-service residential and commercial cleaning, Clean Solution is there for any number of customers that all want the same thing – to feel happy, comfortable, and protected in their properties. Elevating each property, Clean Solution offers its dependable staff to create the clean space of their dreams. Making a great impression on customers from the get-go, and offering services that will change our lives, Clean Solution has won our trust from the beginning to end. Its customers will come back time and time again, and more customers will be contacting Clean Solution simply by wordof-mouth recommendations. Its environmental cleaning covers trauma cleaning and disinfectant fogging to get rid of germs and pathogens within the air. It can clean ovens, upholsteries, carpets, drains, and more, so that we don’t have to get our hands dirty or fear that we will do something wrong. For end of tenancy cleaning, Clean Solution can make certain that each property is absolutely ready for the next residents to move in. Leaving no stone unturned, the whole team pulls together to create the best, cleanest living spaces possible. For special assistance cleaning, plumbing and heating, floor stripping, and all kinds of deep cleaning, Clean Solution gives us all the best treatment imaginable – and it pulls out all the stops every time. Its premium cleaning packages include bespoke services that will inevitably alter the feel of the property, from small to large aspects. Its professional-grade equipment and products look after customers, and the environment. Committed to defending the ecosystem, Clean Solution uses refillable containers – cutting down on plastic waste – environmentally friendly products, and, therefore, Clean Solution is “proud to hold a Bronze award from Zero Waste Scotland and are working towards a Silver award. We also hold environmental standards certificates ISO9001 and ISO14001.” Its staff members are happy, paid well, and take pride in all that they do. They are always on time and ready to clean every property to the best of their ability. Covered by professional insurance and registered with CHAS, SMAS, East Lothian Trusted Trader, and Trackatrader, Clean Solution promises – and delivers – serenity. Clean Solution has made a brilliant impression on its customers. Jen V said, “Danny and his team did a great deep cleaning job on a property I was moving into. Communication throughout was easy and Joleen who coordinated the job was great to deal with – friendly, professional, “ No job is too big or small, get in touch today and see how we can help you. ”

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 7 Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company 2022 and helpful. The staff worked very hard and the property was cleaned to an extremely high standard. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional cleaning company.” M Gillick told us, “The two staff members who came to clean our bathrooms and upstairs were very polite, incredibly efficient, and very hard working. In an hour they cleaned three bathrooms, a toilet room, and dusted and hoovered upstairs. They did a great job and everything was left spotless.” Transmogrifying every property, no matter the state it is in, Clean Solution truly works its magic for its variety of customers – and takes pride in doing so. We can now rest assured that or property will be taken care of. SME News is very proud to present Clean Solution Property Services Ltd. with Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company 2022 in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 – and we are sure to see it sparkling for years to come. Contact: Amy Lewis Email: Telephone: 0330 165 5058 Company: Clean Solution Property Services Ltd Facebook: CleanSolutionLtd Web Address:

8 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22392 Most Innovative UK-Wide Reprographics Company 2022 A specialist in reprographics and its applications, Hobs Reprographics has made a name for itself for excellence in all areas of the field, from scanning to digital printing. With 23 different branches in the UK, this firm started out life as a small scale Liverpudlian printing company, and its growth has since brought it leaps and bounds towards further success, with a broad pool of loyal clients who each use it as their one-stop-shop for all things reprographic. As the largest independent reprographics company in the UK, Hobs Reprographics has shopfronts from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and stretching much further South. Nominally, since its beginnings in 1969, this printing company has expanded exponentially from its five original staff members, now numbering at 158 staff total and providing copying services for architects, construction companies, and engineers, as well as printing services for utility companies. It boasts a longstanding corporate relationship with the GPO, and since the late 70s, has had a thriving base in Manchester, soon thereafter adding Birmingham, Abingdon, and Bristol to the list. Emphasising commitment, innovation, and customer-focused service at every turn, its experience has allowed it to merge knowledge in all manner of different fields into itself. With rolling stock, media agencies, and financial services all represented within the staff of Hobs Reprographics, its breadth and depth of understanding has given it the ability to holistically serve its clientele, committing to them in both its continued innovation and depth of customer service. With a variety of different clients – each of whom enjoy service that goes above and beyond the call of duty – it operates with passion, teamwork, quality, and ingenuity, focusing on the moral and social responsibilities it has a company in order to always deliver the best of the best. Currently, this dedication is focused on bringing the printing world to a whole new level of excellence. Ostensibly, it is reaching for this goal with the use of the latest and greatest technologies, such as 3D printing and augmented reality printing, each of which is allowing for better standards of quality and accuracy in print. Such developments have propelled the UK printing market forward in the macro scale, and Hobs Reprographics is proud of its contribution to such things, incorporating into itself only the developments that it is confident will deliver the best results. Critically, within its marketplace, Hobs Reprographics’ main unique selling point and distinguishing factor is the forward-thinking attitude to such things that permeates each of its services, and the way the company is in a state of constant positive change as a result. Taking pride in the investments it makes, its six Indigo presses give it the capability for massive amounts of large-scale printing, as well as small format technologies. Making use of technologies from leading industry heavyweights such as Xerox, Canon, and Konica Minolta, its 3D printing, CGI, virtual reality, model making, and more have each allowed it to offer various high-quality services that make it one of the most comprehensive 3D service providers in the world, never mind just the UK marketplace. Moreover, by helping to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual, its hard work and tenacity has aided modern businesses in their adaptation to various modern challenges, such as Covid-19; during the past couple years, exemplary digital printing has been under higher demand than ever. In order to help it reach the targets it wishes to continue reaching, and the standards it continues to uphold, it has developed a multi-faceted approach to delivery. Providing an expert service to clients all around the UK, its unique force in reprography has been felt across the industry; indeed, it is this that has made it a jewel in the crown of the wider digital scanning and printing sector, made more so by its conscientious attitude towards the environment. Fundamentally, this attitude has had it implement necessary environmental impact assessments with everything it does, always keen to assess the impact of its various business practices on the increasingly fragile environment. Thanks to this, it has been throwing itself more wholly into finding alternative energy sources for its production efforts. This will help it to reduce its carbon footprint, bringing down the overall footprint of its region and industry, proving that a rising tide really does lift all ships as its diligence inspires others in its peer group to do the same. With wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass production becoming more of a mainstay in society, it is happy to say it has joined the ranks of those pushing towards a sustainable future. Nominally, this has helped it to maintain its proven commitment to always leading from the front. No matter what, its ‘actions not words’ style attitude to improvement as a company has allowed it to secure a partnership with PrintReleaf, an organisation that has been helping it to offset its paper usage, offsetting the equivalent of 1.413.148 pieces of paper by reforesting efforts since joining up with PrintReleaf in 2021. Indeed, Hobs Reprographics has planted over 3000 trees, making use of its impeccably realised corporate empire to benefit Scotland environmentally as well as with its myriad of social corporate responsibility drives. As a family business in every sense of the word, it recognises that the world must move forward together to mitigate the risks of global warming, and thus, will continue to strive to do its part as it moves forward into the future. Company: Hobs Reprographics Contact: Raquel Perkins Website:

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 Most Innovative UK-Wide Reprographics Company 2022

10 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22404 Best Family History Research Service 2022 Heritage: it’s something that bears an impact on everyone’s lives, and for many, it is a subject of great interest. BonAccord Genealogy and Probate Research hopes to increase this fascination, introducing the practices to a wider audience in an accessible and affordable manner. The company, run by Malcolm Gauld, cultivates connection, intrigue, and family-bonding, wrapping such elements up in a sleek and professional package. Discovering your family’s history can be an exciting experience, and it can often be fun to see just how far back you can trace your roots. However, it is easy to come to a dead end, especially if you don’t know where to look, and this can halt or slow the entire process. Henceforth, by working with a genealogist, the process can be streamlined, ensuring that you get factually correct information from the right sources. Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research, a Scottish company, is entering its third year of connecting families with their ancestors. The company’s genealogy service results in a comprehensive family-tree – including hundreds of names, dates, and records – built upon an abundance of research and fact finding. Unlike digital genealogy services, Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research focuses on the client’s wishes and provides them only with the records that they’re requesting, be it prison or workhouse records to birth, marriage, and death certificates. Many of these records can contain sensitive information, which is why this approach is necessary. Moreover, the company is currently branching out into projects surrounding probate research. Often referred to as ‘Heir Hunting,’ this type of work strives to reunite heirs with the estates of those who have passed intestate, meaning that they died without leaving a will. Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research is working with a Scottish solicitors’ office in tracking down the entitled heirs to the estate of a lady who unfortunately died in such a manner – this project has led to researching records related to Florida, Ireland, and uncovering the identities of ten Scottish siblings of the deceased. The company has a global reach, with clients stemming from Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, and Poland, among others, which provides Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research with the unique opportunity to investigate not only the individuals concerned but also the culture and customs of such countries and communities. Despite this, most of the company’s clients are UK based, with approximately 30% of these clients hailing from Scotland. No matter where the client comes from, the goal remains the same – to help them reach their desired outcome, whether that is simply sourcing a certificate or a full tree with family lines tracing back generations. Behind the research is Malcolm Gauld, and he embraces the idiom, ‘a customer can deal with bad news, they cannot deal with no news,’ using this to navigate how he handles customer interactions. Indeed, Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research’s key values are centred around integrity and, of course, honesty. Since the company’s genesis, it has been Malcolm’s goal to provide clients with a service that he is proud of, and therefore, he is open, transparent, and accountable. In addition to this, communication plays a fundamental role in the company’s operations, and Malcolm strives to keep clients updated with any progress or news on their project. Such elements make Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research stand out; however, the company’s primary unique selling point is the fact that it offers a mutually-agreed, fixedprice deal. Many of the company’s competitors charge by the hour, but Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research has found that its method gives customers a sense of security and surety, and they can manage payments as they wish. Simply, the client has control over their genealogy or probate research journey – they are awarded input on every step, including the affordability of the services. As more people delve into genealogy in particular, the company’s focus on clientcentricity is sure to prove an enormous benefit. A significant contributor to this increase in interest is the media. Programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are? and Long Lost Families consistently drum up a rise in enquiries whenever aired, as they show just how complicated yet rewarding building a family tree can be. Moreover, whilst Malcolm notes that there have been no major developments influencing his business, he believes that client awareness as to what can be achieved for a reasonable price has increased, perhaps in part thanks to the aforementioned television programmes. Consequently, Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research is working with over 50 clients at present, with the rest of 2022 looking to be exceptionally busy for the business. It is also working with a group in the North of England, who are developing a proposal to the National Lottery grant team to fund a project that is currently under wraps. Whilst much cannot be discussed about this project, it is set to be the most high-profile project that BonAccord Genealogy and Probate Research has ever undertaken, so, keep an eye out for big things coming from this small business! Contact: Malcolm Gauld Company: Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research Web Address:

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 11 Best Family History Research Service 2022

12 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22586 Best Fish & Chip Shop 2022 From visitors who include members of the Royal Family, Hollywood movie stars, and European TV reporters to an owner with a fishing industry lineage dating back to the 1700s, Anstruther Fish Bar is about as prestigious as can be! From a team incredibly enthusiastic about their work and the land, the Best Fish & Chip Shop of 2022 has a lot going for it. Anstruther Fish Bar is a family-run business with over fifty enthusiastic people at the helm. From many generations-long love of fishing, new owners Gary and Walker took over in the already iconic location this year, after previous owners, Robert and Alison decided to pass the business to local known people and enjoy their retirement. Both Gary and Walker are “born and bred” Anstruther boys, who take pride in owning an establishment that has made their home town world famous. This is a new chapter for both families and something they are extremely passionate about. Ansturther Fish bar is not just another “chippy”, it is a place where visitors come from far and wide to experience something special. To be an owner of Anstruther Fish Bar takes dedication, passion, knowledge, respect and love to both the local sources of food and the local community. Family backgrounds in fishing can be traced back to Walkers grandfather having the conceptual idea of the Scottish Fisheries Museum being based in Ansturther, going on to become cofounder. While another great grandparent was the first in the East Neuk to make the switch from coal fired fishing vessels to one with an engine. With a local fish monger company that awakes bright and early to get the finest fish from the market to be delivered every day to Anstruther Fish Bar and the staff with many years of best practise and experience, Anstruther Fish Bar turns some of the freshest, local and best of Scotlands catches into Fish and Chips known by whole Britain. From these impeccable standards, Anstruther has created a massive presence and reputation over the years, built from a consistent customer base – and the occasional VIP visitors – who have come to expect meals prepared to perfection. It’s one of the first stops Edith Bowman makes every time she comes home. Yet the Anstruther team are still everyday people who bring the best of local Scottish resources to the table for every visitor. Whether it is Kate and William, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, or a lovely pensioner coming in every single week, Anstruther Fish Bar makes everyone feel equally special and provides the same premier products and service to all. Even as standards and expectations have changed! Nowadays, more and more customers buying fish and chips want to know that the product they purchase is not just fresh and of high quality but is being caught responsibly and with consideration for the marine environment. The future success of its industry is linked to its ability to meet the demand of these customers who look for traceability, quality, and sustainability when making purchasing decisions. Anstruther Fish Bar is the World’s First Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified Fish and Chips Shop. Anstruther became an ambassador for its industry with the MSC award and is immensely proud of it. In addition, its specially designed takeaway and restaurant packaging is also entirely environmentally friendly and both biodegradable and recyclable. In the past few years, Anstruther felt the pinch just like everyone else, from the pandemic to Brexit, the war in Ukraine, cost of living crises and the death of Queen Elizabeth. These have served as opportunities to reflect on its values, goals, and a view of where the restaurant is going in the future. What the team has come to understand over the past few years is that Anstruther Fish Bar believes that it should spread the message of unity and kindness for future generations to feed from. In keeping with this, Anstruther Fish Bar supports its local communities, small local businesses, and guests coming from overseas. This also aligns with the restaurant’s mission of supporting Scotland’s maritime produce market and proving that Scottish fish and chips are the best in the world! Like a good football team, the team spirit at Anstruther Fish Bar is impressive. From part-time potato preparers and kitchen porters to waiters, its employees are valued and benefit from quality training and development. The team is well connected, and Anstruther Fish Bar takes great care to build its strengths and improve its services every day. Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant earned Investors in People status in 2008, and that same year, it won the UK Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Competition’s Staff Training and Development Award. The business has also been awarded a Fife Business Excellence Award for its staff training and development. It is a very well-accredited business with staff sharing pride and love for both its fish bar and Anstruther. Walker and his wife Kasia, are very much involved at the busy restaurant, helping to prepare and serve their famous, fresh, locally sourced food. The Anstruther has a long and bright future ahead of it, and the couple is looking to pass their passion – along with the business – to their children. Overall, the pair and their friendly staff are waiting to welcome customers to the Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant experience, one well worthy of the Best Fish & Chip Shop 2022. Contact: Walker Murray Company: Anstruther Fish Bar Web Address: “ From these impeccable standards, Anstruther has created amassive presence and reputation over the years, built froma consistent customer base – and the occasional VIP visitors –who have come to expect meals prepared to perfection. ”

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 13 Best Fish & Chip Shop 2022

14 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 The Howff Secret Supper Club isn’t just a restaurant: it’s a dining experience, one that deviates from the traditional restaurant construct. It wants to provide its customers – who are described as ‘real “foodies”’ – with an experience that is unforgettable, relaxing, and exciting in equal measure. Wrapped up in what was once the garden of the Greyfriars Monastery, The Howff Secret Supper Club is just as unique in setting as it is in service. Indeed, the restaurant’s twist on convention has made it stand out from its competition, and professional critics and customers alike have been consistently impressed by The Howff Secret Supper Club’s efforts. The underground dining rooms adds an additional layer of intrigue and mystery, inducing anticipation before the guests have even stepped foot into the building. Once inside, guests are treated to a warm and comfortable ambiance, with luxury exuding from every corner. Quality, in all aspects, is what The Howff Secret Supper Club does best. The customer’s comfort always comes first, and as a result, client-centricity lies at the heart of the restaurant, and its safe to say that this is reflected not only in the restaurant’s makeup but also within its mouth-watering offerings. The Howff Secret Supper Club’s chefs lead the evening, creating aromatic dishes with a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity, and the restaurant strives to stray from the norm as often as it can by using locally sourced produce from premium Scottish suppliers. What shows in The Howff Secret Supper Club’s food is the excitement that the team has, as they are encouraged to experiment with the food it serves – as such, the restaurant is known for its unusual yet tantalising flavours and impressive food combinations. Through doing this, The Howff Secret Supper Club hopes to innovate, enlighten, and captivate diners’ palates. Home to an eight-course seasonal tasting menu, The Howff Secret Supper Club changes its dishes every two months, keeping things fresh and inventive. Each dish is thoroughly explained to each client, with the name, the preparation methods, and the ideas behind it being divulged. Consequently, this approach defines The Howff Secret Supper Club as a rarity; there’s nothing else like it in the market. The restaurant’s success is also showcased within a number of glowing client testimonials, with one reading as follows: ‘Another shout out for the best dining experience this side of a Michelin Star. Been a few times now and never tire of the excellent, well thought out food (who thinks of smoking roe-deer with locally foraged Douglas fir tree branches??) great host, fabulous wine pairings and a fun crew cooking and serving. Already booked for next month.... you should too!’ - Kenny M Sep22399 Best Fine Dining Experience - Dundee Whilst Best Fine Dining Experience – Dundee is a title that The Howff Secret Supper Club has earned, it doesn’t quite encapsulate just how impressive the restaurant is. Since its opening night in 2021, The Howff Secret Supper Club has been fully booked every single night and is currently booked up until March 2023. Customers from around the world have indulged in the restaurant’s dishes, and its not hard to see why. Contact: Lewis Donegan Company: The Howff Secret Supper Club Web Address:

15 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 products, ensuring exceptional quality across the board. West End Garden Centre also endeavours to create a feeling for customers when they visit – they need to feel welcomed, positive, and educated – and the company believes that it achieves this through its unique approach to layout, product, and customer Gardening has become especially popular in recent years, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which led more people to spend time in their homes and green spaces. West End Garden Centre hopes to increase this interest in urban areas by making gardening equipment and plants more accessible to the masses. When thinking of a garden centre, you’d typically think of a historical building wrapped by extensive gardens and vast countryside that rolls out for miles in all directions. What you don’t think of is a garden centre located at the heart of a bustling, Scottish city. West End Garden Centre is exactly the latter, subverting the preconceptions surrounding gardening, garden centres, and tradition. In essence, this is the company’s mission – its purpose – as it wants to bring everything that can be found in a garden centre right to the doorstep of those living in Glasgow’s West End. The unique shop offers a full range of outdoor and indoor plants and pots, with a focus on modern gardening and style. By maintaining this priority, West End Garden Centre is attracting a new audience, especially amongst younger people who are looking for plants to liven up their homes. Its online store, for example, showcases a range of luxury garden furniture including minimalistic sun loungers, dining sets, and sofas. Additionally, the digital platform is where West End Garden Centre advertises tickets for demonstrations – most recently, the centre carried out an Autumn Bulb Demonstration, teaching attendees the best way to plant bulbs ready for fruition in Spring. Moreover, West End Garden Centre offers its own Genius Bar, through which customers can book a consultation with one of the team via the website. The Genius Bar has been designed to help clients solve any problem that they’re facing with their plants or garden, and it can also help customers to achieve their goals. Customers receive a 45-minute consultation with one of the West End Garden Centre’s Plant Geniuses who can help them to select suitable plants for their spaces – and, the garden centre takes care of the delivery and all the heavy lifting, making it incredibly accessible for all customers. At West End Garden Centre, the customer truly comes first. It sources locally grown plants and Garden Centre of the Year 2022 – Glasgow & Excellence Award for Garden Planning Advisory Services 2022 Oct22044 service. In addition, it tries to support its community in other ways, regularly donating to various local and national charities. Contact: Martin McCarron Company: West End Garden Centre Web Address: West End Garden Centre

16 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Aberdeen Diving Services cover a range of services for every diver. From recreational, to professional and commercial, it provides a robust inventory of diving-related equipment. Beyond the sale of said equipment, it also offers the servicing and repair of it and educational courses on how to use it safely. Aberdeen Diving Services customers are in safe hands. Its service technicians are amongst the most respected in the industry, with equipment sent to its from across the country to get the absolute best service available. In addition, its staff have decades of experience and knowledge in all aspects of its services; they are always available to give expert and impartial advice thanks to years of first-hand knowledge of all its leading brands. As well as offers guidance for a myriad of other areas, from PADI training, HUET diving, offshore survival instructions, first aid, equipment servicing, pool cleaning and much more. Thanks to its team’s incredible expertise and the quality of its products, it has been able to stand tall and show what services it has available and achieve its mission and aims. Overall, Aberdeen Diving Services aims to keep divers safe with competitive prices and high-quality service. The company’s Scotland location has allowed it a distinct advantage in this regard, predominantly due to the local oil industry. Aberdeen Diving Services is the go-to company for the city’s vast majority of oil and gas companies. Whether it is to supply them with support staff to run offshore survival courses, first aid training or the services of its highest and most respected HUET divers, countless Scottish companies – and private individuals – have placed faith in its products and have not been disappointed. A perfect example of its patient approach, and the quality therein, is its PADI Open Water Diver certification course. Its tutors first teach students how to comfortably dive in pools – and in ‘mini dives’ – before expanding into open waters when students are more comfortable. Aberdeen Diving Services provides not only highly-trained PADI instructors – that promise a relaxed and supportive learning environment – but also the gold standard of internationally recognised scuba diving certifications. It is the only four-time awardwinning PADI dive centre, and the quality of its tuition reflects this at every stroke. There is so much that Aberdeen Diving Services does, and has done, in the name of both diving safety and the marine environment. From providing the same exceptional services of teaching and equipment to GWO renewable energy firms to its eco-friendly Outline95 fashion line – that’s profits not only contribute to oceanbased charities or NGOs but also help to pay for courses and qualifications of the next generation of ocean ambassadors. There is a world of Sep22402 Best Diver Equipment & Training Specialist 2022 good that comes directly from its hard work and dedication to its goals. Aberdeen Diving Services is an impressively multi-faceted company with some services and initiatives that go way beyond what its name may lead you to believe. However, its dedication to a broad spectrum of diving services and ensuring safety and best practice is where its unique spirit truly shines. Aberdeen Diving Services stands clear as the Best Diver Equipment & Training Specialist 2022. Its clients, whether they have just purchased its high-quality equipment or taken part in one of its diving or maintenance courses, will attest to how deserving it is of the commendation. Contact: Andy Watson Company: Aberdeen Diving Services Web Address: https://www. Diving is a complicated and delicate process that requires far more investment than it may appear on the surface. Aberdeen Diving Services has in-depth knowledge of these factors, requirements, and necessary safety steps, along with the equipment and understanding of how to care for it. Its well-renowned expertise has placed it as an awardwinner and a leader in its niche.

17 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 across in everything it does. Moreover, it upholds the values and principles of Scottish life by making itself a friendly, people-focused, and diligent company that is never afraid to rise to a challenge, earning itself a myriad of different partnerships across the region that work with it well to provide impeccable spatial renovations. Setting itself apart in a crowded industry with bespoke, innovative, and boutique property renovations, Cedar Developments Edinburgh has made itself a cornerstone of its region over the time it has been in operation. Indeed, with its high-quality remodelling that covers everything from home extensions to shopfitting and joinery, its clients come back time and again – and recommend it to family, friends, and peers – because after you’ve known true excellence, why go back? As with any big change in life, home renovation requires the utmost trust. Cedar Developments Edinburgh recognises this, ensuring that it funnels significant effort into establishing close personal relationships with its clientele in order to create spaces that truly reflect their ideas and individual style. Its clients, therefore, can expect the work that comes out of a partnership with Cedar Developments Edinburgh to be spot on –in terms of timeliness and monetary expense as well as with regards to the specifications of the project – enabling it to earn a reputation for passionate, professional, and market leading work. Indeed, its commitment to operating in this way has earned it a diverse client base as a result; after all, it is able to fulfil the stylistic, timing, and practical needs of all manner of different people from private home owners to shop owners of all different stripes. Thusly, it has made itself a linchpin of the Edinburgh bespoke renovations industry, one that serves residential and commercial projects all over the region with an impeccable level of commitment and efficacy. With people having spent the time over lockdown being sequestered in their own home, many turned their eyes to home improvement and renovations; moreover, many people found it cheaper and less messy to just renovate their own home instead of moving house due to the changing economy and rising house prices. In this manner, Cedar Developments Edinburgh has stepped up to the plate to help the people who have been committing to the process of renovation, showing them through loyalty, trust, and passion that their home or business is in good hands. Proud to be based in Scotland, the beauty of the surrounding landscape provides plentiful inspiration for its efforts, and it hopes that the natural glory of the Scottish countryside homes Property Renovators of the Year 2022 - Edinburgh Sep22450 It looks forward to continuing to improve and grow going forward with this in mind, striving the improve itself as well Company: Cedar Developments Edinburgh Contact: Joseph McGee, Managing Director. Website:

18 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 CC Supplies takes the hassle and risk out of selling horseboxes and vehicles on a commission basis, so the client doesn’t have to do a thing. It can collect the asset, fully prepare it, and advertise it on all its platforms. It will seek the best possible price, with all viewings and correspondence done on the client’s behalf, a process which comes with 100% transparency from start to finish. Indeed, CC Supplies is always looking to purchase, broker, or take in part exchange low mileage, fresh assets in the form of: coachbuilt horseboxes of all sizes from 3.5 ton to 26 ton; vehicles, from Fiestas to Range Rovers or Bentleys; all makes and models of trailers; light and heavy commercial vehicles; all makes and models of plant machinery such as JCB and Takeuchi; and all makes and models of ATVs and UTVs such as Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. The company not only sells used horseboxes and vehicles on behalf of its clients, but also new ones, all of which are fully serviced and mechanically inspected. It has finance and part exchange options available to those who want to make a purchase, with an array of licensed credit brokers on hand to offer an extensive range of loans and finance packages to suit customers’ needs. All sold stock also comes with a threemonth UK and European drive line warranty. The delivery of any goods purchased can be arranged for the customer, whether a small part, new ATV, or large commercial. CC Supplies has a large network of couriers and logistic companies available to get items to the customer quickly and efficiently. It also conducts its own collection and delivery service throughout Scotland, England, and Ireland and can personally deliver or collect goods. Ultimately, CC Supplies’ sellers and customers highly rate its offering and service, with one seller commenting, “I would highly recommend CC Supplies. Chris recently sold my horse lorry. He was very easy to deal with; quick and efficient with good communication throughout. It really takes the stress out of selling a lorry!” Another seller says, “I can’t recommend Chris highly enough. My lorry has been for sale elsewhere for over a month. Within 24 hours, he sold it. He is honest and great at keeping you in the loop. He also makes sure that the lorry is as good as new when it is sold. Thanks again, Chris.” Meanwhile, a customer states, “We contacted Chris at the start of week to enquire about a new trailer, knowing that stock was in short supply with Oct22036 Best Asset & Horsebox Broker 2022 most dealerships. Our new trailer was delivered within the week, and we are delighted with it and the service!” Someone else who made a purchase shares, “Would highly recommend Chris and CC Supplies for their help and professionalism at every stage of the buying process. An effortless purchase.” Company: CC Supplies Contact: Chris Cumming Email: Website: Chris Cumming is an extremely knowledgeable businessman with over 15 years’ experience in asset sourcing and sales, as well as 14 years in property sourcing, property rentals, and property sales. He established his multi-awardwinning company, CC Supplies, back in 2007 with the purpose of buying and selling horseboxes, ATVs, UTVs, commercials, vehicles, and trailers from its depots in Aberdeenshire and Yorkshire.

19 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Having such a small team means that continuity is guaranteed throughout the litigation process. At a stressful time, you have a team that is always looking out for you. Everyone is aware of everyone else’s caseload, so clients have the benefit of a wealth of experience. Naturally, the client comes first at all times, and a core part of this is achieved through assisting each other through every case. Although small, the systems in place have allowed the Lefevres team to process large numbers of claims, including group actions, whilst still maintaining a personalised service. Group actions are a relatively new feature within Scots law, but the Lefevres team are ideally equipped to meet the challenge. They have used their collaborative skill to work alongside other firms to raise group actions on behalf of thousands of clients in the vehicle diesel emissions scandal. This pioneering case was the first group action to proceed in Scotland under new rules for group litigation. By design, the Lefevres team focus on the needs of people. Staff are hired because they have tremendous people skills and can guide them through the complexities of a challenging legal process. The litigation process is often daunting, but with the Lefevres team at your side, things might not be so challenging. They take the time to ensure that you fully understand what decisions are being made and why. 2022 has seen the team focus on even more group litigation claims, following the success of the vehicle diesel emissions scandal. Some of these claims are in the same area, allowing the team to build on what succeeded before. Currently, those who in charge of the Lefevres side of things are registering new claims for the next round. Alongside this impressive new sector of the business, the team continue to When you want to litigate, you have to turn to a team you can trust. The team at Lefevres are small, but mighty, with a reputation for excellence that stands apart from the crowd. In the Scottish Enterprise Awards, the Lefevres team were recognised for their sterling work. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Founded in 2018, the team at Lefevres have quickly risen through the ranks to become one of Scotland’s most resolute litigators. Working across a varied crosssection of causes, the team have covered all aspects of personal injury ranging from high value, complex cases to minor incident claims such as slips and trips. With a person-centred approach at the heart of the business, they know how to deliver when others can’t. Three full time solicitors, two consultants, one trainee and two support staff make up the impressive Lefevres team. When combined, the firm has over thirty years of experience in all areas of litigation. The Lefevres team have been called upon to represent clients in many arenas, including the Sheriff courts, the Sheriff Appeal Court, Court of Session and the United Kingdom Supreme Court. Best Personal Injury Compensation & Civil Litigation Law Firm 2022 Sep22403 maintain a hefty caseload of individual personal injury claims. When we look at Lefevres, we look at a firm which has managed to stay on top of the needs of its clients, whilst looking for new fertile ground on which to build the business. As litigators, they are second to none with a track record that speaks for itself. We celebrate the team’s efforts and look forward to what they do next. Company: Lefevres Name: Sarah McKinnon Email: Web Address: